It may sound crazy to run three races in one weekend, but to someone who likes relay races, three times seems completely normal.

I’d venture to say that running a 5K, a mile on the sand, and then a half marathon is probably going to be easier than any relay I’ve ever run anyways. I’m still however taking it seriously and have come up with a things-don’t-usually-go-as-planned-game-plan.

Depending on how I feel and when I actually get down to Virginia Beach for the race, my plan is to race the 5K. The Mile On The Sand race will be for fun {and to earn the Land To Sand pin – cause I LOVE pins} and then the half marathon on Sunday is going to be a long run. Jess {my coach} has me running 16 miles that day….I’m not sure if 16 will happen or if I will have to be happy with 13.1.

I’m going to be taking over the instagram story on the @runrocknroll account so a friendly reminder that if you want to follow along on my race weekend adventures you can follow me over on that account…
While I LOVE posting to social media in races I’m not racing, it’s actually somewhat harder than it looks – hahaha. It essentially turns the race in to a fartlek workout where I’m running fast, then slow, then stopped, then fast, etc. I think it will be easier this time vs Chicago because in Chicago my sister didn’t want to stop during the race {I don’t blame her – I don’t usually like stopping or walking in races either}, so after each time I stopped to take a picture {I stop because otherwise the pictures are blurry or crooked} I then had to sprint to catch up with her. We didn’t plan this part out very well because she was in a grey shirt and in the sea of people ahead of me, it was hard to find her each time. At the same I was attempting to pace her to a PR, so I had to keep the pace of each mile something she could handle + make sure I was next to her to pull her along when she needed it and not behind her stopped for a photo. By the last couple of miles of the race my legs were feeling the stopping/starting so I decided that I could either keep posting and risk her not running a PR or stop posting and make sure she got to the finish under what she needed. She was the priority so my idea of taking a picture each mile of the 1/2 went out the window. This time I’m running solo {or that’s the plan now anyways} so it will be easier to post to instagram stories :)

For those of you who are hard-core runners or traditionalists – I know what you are thinking…..PUT THE PHONE DOWN and run the race. Here’s the thing, I used to be like that too. I judged people who had goals for a race that weren’t time goals. I’d tell people they should just pee on themselves rather than wasting precious time finding a bathroom. Don’t you want to run a PR, I’d say? Seconds matter, I’d proclaim. While yes PR’s are cool and yes it’s great to try to get the best out of yourself in that way, it’s equally as great to have goals that have absolutely NOTHING to do with time. I had fun at Chicago, Boston, Rock N Roll DC, and other races I’ve run while taking pictures.

After Chicago – I thought well that was a half PR while taking photos – which is silly – but also fun for me. And isn’t that what running should be at its core? Something that is fun for the person doing it? We all have different definitions of fun and for now this happens to be mine.

Chloe and Miles are both playing travel soccer this season. Not only is it expensive as all get out – it also takes up a TON of time. The only time I was able to squeeze in a run yesterday was after we were all back at home at night after their practices. I really wanted to run but at the same time it would have been nice to put my PJ’s on and get in bed and watch Game Of Thrones or read a book.

But these runs are the price I pay. The price of admission to going to a race and feeling good and having fun. For me the best part of the weekend is not always in the miles, though I do LOVE the miles, but rather the entire race weekend experience. It’s going to the expo and not caring how long I’m there because oh my goodness the concrete – this will be horrible for my legs. It’s having wine and not worrying that OMgosh I’m going to be so dehydrated on race day – what if this ruins my race. It’s meeting up with friends even though that might tire me out and I possibly will wake up exhausted on race day. It’s running races in different cities so I can see my sister, or an old high school friend. It’s going to a baseball game and drinking the dang beer. These are all things I didn’t do before…..I’d go to Boston and not see any of the city – I’d spend the weekend alone in my hotel room resting. I would skip dinner invitations because it was food I hadn’t eaten before – choosing instead to go to Whole Foods alone or a grocery story alone. And while there is NOTHING wrong with the way I was doing it before – I just wasn’t living MY best life. I was missing out on LIFE because I was overly concerned with the time on the clock. I’d feel happiness if I ran the time I wanted and intense sadness if I didn’t run what I felt capable of. In hindsight there was so much joy I could have had, so many happy moments I missed out on.

When time isn’t your main goal it’s impossible not to leave the race weekend happy.

There are no let downs, no dramatic instagram posts where you detail out what you wanted to run, what went wrong etc. There are no tears. No voice inside your head telling you that you failed or worse yet that you suck as a person and a runner. When I look back at pictures of old races I rarely see a woman who is smiling. I look at old photos and know – on that day you thought you were fat – on that day you thought you were slow – on that day you felt self-conscious of your outfit – on that day you were afraid of the nasty comments that would be left on your blog. Now I don’t worry about any of that. Do I sometimes weigh more than other days {weeks/months/years} – yep and who cares. Do I sometimes run very slow for me – yep and who cares.

This to me is freedom. I’m not saying that one day I won’t run a race in such a way as to be concerned about the time on the clock, what I’m saying is that the time on the clock will never determine my happiness or self-worth ever again. And that’s my “secret” shall we say to always running a race with a smile on my face. When you are happy on the inside – it shows on the outside.

Rock N Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon Training

8.18 miles last night. 24 days till Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach.

RNR Virginia Beach #rnrva

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  1. Great post. Something that I have learned is that if you are primarily focused on fun, you actually end up performing really well. And a strong performance is totally independent of the time on the clock! It’s about relishing the experience. It’s great to see you so happy with your running!

  2. Hope to see you smiling (and taking pictures) at RnRVB! This will be my first half ever!

  3. Probably the best quote that I’ve read today “When time isn’t your main goal it’s impossible not to leave the race weekend happy.”.

    I never thought of approaching some events like that.

  4. I took my wife and son to Virginia Beach about a month ago and we really had a great time. It’s the second time we go there and it’s really a beautiful area to spend a vacation. However I couldn’t stand the heat – it was well above 100F and the longest run I could do was 8k. I just cannot imagine how can someone do a race in that heath. Hopefully it will be cooler on the race day. Let us know how it goes.

  5. Three races in a weekend is insane – you must be in unbelievable shape!

  6. Three races in a weekend is insane … you must be in good shape!

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