Rock N Roll DC is a week away {March 11th} and the National Cherry Blossom Festival just released the peak dates for the cherry blossoms in DC! The two are almost going to coincide…..meaning that if you have been wanting to see the cherry blossoms in DC – didn’t get in to the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler – and I want to sign up for a race – you should consider RNR DC!!



Cherry blossom peak bloom this year could be the earliest on record 

Full article, by Perry Stein, in the Washington Post can be found HERE

“A mild winter in the nation’s capital means cherry blossoms along the Tidal Basin could reach peak bloom in record fashion.

Organizers of the National Cherry Blossom Festival announced Wednesday that the blossoms are expected to hit peak bloom between March 14 and March 17. As a result of the early bloom, the month-long festival will begin March 15, five days earlier than planned. The festival will run through April 16.”

Rock N Roll DC & Peak Cherry Blossom Dates! via @mileposts


New this year: The half and marathon will start at different times!

I’m running the half this year but am excited they made this change as I feel it really benefits the marathoners. I’ve found it discouraging in years past when the half marathoners peel off from the marathon and you find yourself left with another half marathon to run. It’s been tempting every single time to call it a day and head towards the finish.

RNR DC & Peak Cherry Blossom Dates! via @mileposts

It’s nice because this should make pacing easier for those running the marathon. Before Rock N Roll DC was RNR DC, it was called the National Marathon. The year I ran the half before it was a RNR race, runners were required to wear a half bib on their back. This helped the runners know who they were competing against and could attempt to race those around them accordingly. By having the races start at different times I believe the marathoners will now have an easier time not getting sucked in to running too fast in the beginning – trying to  keep up with the half marathoners that don’t have to run as far!

If you are running the marathon it starts at 7 am.

If you are running the 1/2 – the race starts at 8:30.

Running makes me happy.

Who is running RNR DC?! Have you run it before?


  1. I’ll be cheering with a big group of Oiselle gals at mile 11.5, runners left. We’ll look for you!

  2. Good luck tomorrow! It’s supposed to be cold (why is the weather so freaking weird this year?!) but that’s better than hot, right? :)

  3. You look great. And I know Im a little late but good luck on any future marathons. I’ll be running my first half marathon soon which brought me to your blog. Trying to get inspired with running quotes and slogans. I can share some I found with you if thats okay: Track Slogans

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