Friday the 13th Eric and I headed to Las Vegas for one of my favorite race weekends all year.

I started the morning with a basement workout. Occasionally I feel crazy when I get up at 4 something to do a workout, but I always feel better on days I workout or run, so if the motivation is there I’m not going to question it, because other days the motivation is most certainly not there.

While I was getting my sweat on, Eric headed to the airport. We were on different flights but it ended up working out just fine because I was able to get Chloe and Miles ready for school, take them, and then spend some time with Colton before I had to drop him at preschool at 9:15. My dear friend Shannon drove me to the airport after that and I was on my way. I’m always painfully early for a flight so I spent the next 3?! hours sitting at Dulles Airport. Thankfully I was in the terminal that is a-w-e-s-o-m-e and not the terminal where you are like wait? am I really at Dulles Airport – I thought they re-did this place?! A good book and I was as happy as a clam. 008

I haven’t flown Southwest in a while so I had forgotten about the line up like second graders according to your number – way of boarding the plane. I was a double digit C, which pretty much meant that I was going to be stuck in the back next to the bathroom. When I boarded however, there was a lovely couple who were sitting in row two who had an open spot next to their window. I really didn’t want to ask if it was open and make them get up and out of their seats, thankfully the husband looked at me and said – do you want to sit there? An emphatic yes please landed me at the front of the plane.

After watching the flight attendant bring the lady I was next to, drink after drink after drink, she shared it was her birthday and she was fairly certain that the flight attendant was trying to get her drunk. I’ve never drank on a flight before but when on the way to Vegas? and it’s your seatmates birthday? and she says she can’t finish her drinks as fast as the flight attendant is bringing them? and they are free?

Wine it was. The views were beautiful, the flight was bumpy, the company was great.


Being first off the flight had its advantages in getting out of the airport quickly. I made it to the shuttle before it was about to leave and was on my way to my hotel in no-time-flat.

The Wynn/Encore is my favorite hotel ever. It’s actually the only hotel I’ve ever stayed at while in Vegas and I have zero desire to stay anywhere else. I’m a crazy butterfly lady and adore flowers and that’s pretty much the theme of both hotels. It doesn’t take much to make me happy in Vegas – give me sore legs {from running and/or dancing}, a drink, and a seat to sit in to people watch and I’m happy.


After a quick attempt at a nap it was time to get ready for the VIP Party at Hyde at the Bellagio.

030 042

Too many drinks, too much talking, too much dancing. My idea of a perfect night.

The world was hurting and we were hurting with it. While the night was fun and there was plenty of silliness, I can not, not mention that there were many heavy hearted conversations about what had happened in the world. It felt like just like when we started to enjoy ourselves the reality of what had happened smacked us in the face. I don’t have the correct words, so I will just leave it at that. #pray



only in vegas. who knows.


Too little sleep and too many drinks made Saturday painful but knowing that I was running a 5K and 13.1 made it not seem as bad as in previous years where I had 26.2 looming over me – ha.

Goal for the 5K was to not get sick. I say that joking but also seriously – running a 5K hung over wasn’t exactly what I had planned.

The 5K was about a mile walk from our hotel – I’d rather walk somewhere any day than take a cab, so I was happy it was close!

It probably was one of the largest 5k’s I’ve ever run! It was pitch black, so it didn’t feel like I was out there with thousands of people.

I put myself a little farther back in corral 1 – I didn’t want to get sucked in to running race pace in the first mile. In hindsight I probably could have put myself up a bit more because I was by people who were walking and had to weave in and out of people from the beginning. I started to write more about this and then deleted it all – I’ll save my corral thoughts for another day 😉


The course was partially in the parking lot? and partially on the roads. The course didn’t really matter to me because a. it was flat as heck and b. it was dark as heck. RNR did a good job with fun lights and making what probably was a not so lovely course during the day, pretty cool at night.



Mile 1: 7:04

Mile 2: 7:08

Mile 3: 6:57

.14: :51

  • Clock Time: 22:10
  • Chip Time: 22:03
  • Pace: 7:06
  • Gender: 13th out of 4300
  • Overall: 147 out of 6787

Eric and I hung around for a bit after the race to cheer other people on and then headed back to grab some dinner. Matt & Kim, the band playing the post race concert, had played at the VIP party, so we didn’t feel like we were missing out heading straight to eat.

There was a new Kona Grill by our hotel, so we stuffed our faces with sushi and then went back to the Encore to get some much needed sleep.


I believe that every race teaches you something. Because I didn’t start at a crazy fast for me pace, I wasn’t dying like I normally am during a 5K. I find 5K’s to be one of the hardest distances to race. On one hand you need to start fast because there are only 2 miles after that first one, but on the other hand if you start out at a dumb pace, then those last two miles can be a painful slow death march to the finish, making a 5k feel more painful than a marathon in my opinion. Next time I race a 5K I’m thinking that I want to start out only slightly faster than I did for this 5K. In the first mile, people blasted past me – it was an exercise in patience not getting swept up in wanting to race. Even if I don’t mentally want to race, when the gun goes off my legs just want to move regardless of how I feel or whether I’m even in shape. During the 3rd mile it was fun passing people – something that I am not usually capable of during the last mile 5K.

I say this every year but one year I’m going to stick to it. I want to train for these races as my target races, not drink on Friday and see what I could actually do. The 5k and the half are very flat. Flat courses for shorter distances can make a dramatic difference in your race time vs. a hilly course. If I had been able to run close to my PR – it would have landed me in the top 3. I’m NOT in PR shape, even if I hadn’t drank Friday I wouldn’t have ran a sub 20. Knowing that the 5K I ran my PR on was anything but flat makes me want to train hard and then run a good course.

Before the 5K I was all like – UGH why did I think this Remix Challenge thing was a good idea and then after I was all YAY Eric that was so much fun! I seriously need to get out of my own stressed out head and run more races, I love them.

Race Day Feelings

If I run the half again next year, I will definitely do the remix again and run the 5K. If I run the marathon, I’ll likely go hang out at the 5K anyways for the concert and to cheer other runners on. Something about a race atmosphere is really the best, even if you aren’t running.

Have I told you how much I love this race lately? 😉


Did you run the 5K? What did you think?

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