Kids say the darndest things, right? I so wish they would bring back that old show {with a new host}!

Colton on a near daily basis says something to me that cracks me up or leaves me wondering what on earth is going on in that kids head.

Last week when I picked him up from pre-school, after our usual exchanges of – I missed you so much – did you have fun with out me? He said emphatically – I have a stuffy nose.

I responded, I’m sorry about that.

He was quiet for a moment and said, what does that mean?

Me: What does what mean?

Colton: What does it mean if you say you have a stuffy nose?

Me: Well do you have a stuffy nose?

Colton: YES!

Me: Well what does a stuffy nose feel like? You are telling me you have a stuffy nose and I know what that feels like, so I understand how you feel.

Colton after a long pause: My nose feels like nothin’

Me giggling: What do you mean it feels like nothing?

Colton: It feels like nothin’ – my nose doesn’t feel like anything.

At this point I couldn’t stop laughing. As an adult it’s easy to forget that when you are a little person you have to learn everything, as in everything. No wonder little kids throw fits and get cranky. I’d be cranky too if I didn’t understand what a stuffy nose meant, even if I knew I had one :)

Saturday was the first marathon finish line my kids have all been at. I really don’t like to push my running on them, or make it something they have to do. I want them to want to come to races and watch me because they want to come watch me and not because UGH we have to go watch mommy run ANOTHER marathon.

I stayed in DC Friday night, but because there was a Spaghetti Dinner at their school, they didn’t want to come down and stay with me. I didn’t mind missing said dinner because it’s not my favorite event at their school, and they didn’t mind me being gone because it was one less parent there telling them to calm down a bit and not be so wild.

Miles had a make up basketball game scheduled for noon on Saturday. He went back and forth all week-long on what he wanted to do. We don’t let our kids miss their sports stuff for just about anything. You are part of a team and if you join that team that is your priority. If ESPN Run wasn’t filming me, there wouldn’t have even been a discussion of whether they were coming to my race. Miles would have gone to his game because you don’t let your team down. It may sound silly but to Eric and I it’s a life principle we are trying to teach them. Teams are something that are a part of your life your entire life, we want our children to respect the team concept when they are little so they respect the team concept when they are older.


I digress…

When I left on Friday I wasn’t sure if my kids were coming down to see me. When I called my husband Saturday at 7:15 from the start of the race he sounded half asleep and said the kids were still in bed and he had just gotten up. For 26.2 miles I really hoped that my kids were at the finish but I thought the chances of that were slim {We live 50 minutes or so outside of DC on a good day with no traffic}.IMG950566

As I ran past the mile 26 sign and entered the finish line chute I saw Anne from fANNEtastic food cheering, then my sister and her friend Katie, and then I made the final turn to the finish.


I assumed since I hadn’t seen my little family on the sidelines with my sister that they didn’t come. I was OK with it and thought, next week, maybe it will work for them to be at the finish line next week. Then out of no where my kids popped out from behind the finish line and were standing right there waiting for me to cross. I’ve never felt so happy at a race finish line in my life.

Photo of finish HERE :)

I’ll write more about the finish line experience in another post, but lets just say that Colton wasn’t ALL that excited to be there till…..


We were leaving the chute and I was going through grabbing some snacks, I grabbed a chocolate milk and handed it to him. His little face lite up and he exclaimed – THEY GIVE OUT FREE CHOCOLATE MILK HERE?!?!

I bust out laughing.

Oh Colton….

Mommy only had to run 26.2 miles for that chocolate milk, it’s not really free….

Of course he probably didn’t even hear me say that, he had already ripped the top off and was chugging it down.

Kids say the darndest things…..



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