If you asked me what my goal for Saturday’s race was two weeks ago I would have told you around a 3:30, I wanted to snag a BQ but still finish feeling like I had enough in the tank for another race. While it may have looked like signing up for B & A Trail Marathon {it’s not on a dirt trail – fyi – it’s paved just like a street} was a last minute decision, it was not in fact last minute. I just was waiting till it felt right and when I hit 26.2K followers on instagram it felt right and special in a way {thank you all following along – I’m constantly humbled by all of you}.

I found out about the ESPN Run the week before RNR DC. I wasn’t sure what kind of time commitment it involved or what it was going to be like, but after meeting with the three guys I quickly realized it was going to require more time than I had realized. While I may have jokingly complained a bit about not being rested for my race, I was nothing but happy during the entire process and am very grateful and thankful that I have people who think of me when opportunities like this arise. I’ll chat more about all of that in another post {maybe I’ll even get back to blogging every day like I did once upon a time – ha}.

Taking in to consideration 8 hours or so of filming on Wednesday, needing to head in to DC earlier on Friday than I had planned and spending hours with the film crew again, I knew I had to adjust my goals/expectations. I didn’t want to give up on the back to back marathon, so I knew that a BQ was out of question for Saturday. I told the crew and my family I would be happy with anything sub 4 but that I didn’t know if that meant 3:40 or 3:59. I would just see what the day brought me and go with it.


I’m used to being alone at races {and not minding it all that much} so having the film guys with me before the race was nice. The three of them were from Argentina and we connected right away. My mom lived in Buenos Aires in Argentina for years when she was little. They met me at my hotel that morning, walked with me over to the VIP area at the Hotel Willard and then we all made our way to the start together. They filmed me stretching and hanging out pre-race. It does feel incredibly silly to have someone filming you as you do normal stuff, so I just put everyone else out of my mind and looked at no one directly. The world then feels quiet. It’s a coping thing from my days of serious social anxiety and it still works whenever I need it.

I was happy to see my friend Ian at the start {we paced Meb together at Rock N Roll Vegas – by paced I mean we kept Meb slow and helped manage the crowds that formed around him for 13.1 miles}!

My heart felt full and I was ready to run {and hopefully see my little family at the finish}!

Right before the race started I called my husband who sounded still half asleep – sigh – talked about that HERE.

I planned to walk through as many water/Gatorade stops as I needed too, ditto with stopping at the bathroom whenever needed. I started doing this from the beginning of the race. After getting caught up in the excitement of the first half {the half marathoners are with you till a bit after mile 12}, I decided I needed to walk the hills late in the race as needed. When I started seeing 7’s mix in to my paces early on I freaked out a bit. I did NOT want to run anything faster than 8 minute pace. While 7’s would have normally excited me during a marathon, all I could think about was that for every 7 I saw I was multiplying the pain I was going to feel at my next marathon. I’ve run back to back races before but never one week apart, so this is new territory for me!439443_222741434_Medium

Here’s the data from my garmin should you like to look at stuff like that {I do!}. The race was much hillier than I remembered and my only complaint is the same complaint I had when I ran this race before it was Rock N Roll. There needs to be mats on the bridge heading over to Anacostia. When you run Chicago Marathon or other major races like New York, they often put down carpets/mats over the metal grating on the bridges. The grating isn’t all that bad if it’s at mile 5 but when your feet are already angry at you, running across that grating feels like SH*T. Other than that I literally have zero complaints about the race {and really this complaint is of the princess and the pea type ;)}.


Here’s the break down – chat more tomorrow! xoxo



RNR DC 6p.s. thank you instarunners for featuring my photo!!

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