Adding races to your 2016 calendar? Consider running one of the Road Runner Sports Craft Classic Series races!


I’m excited to share that I’ve partnered with Road Runner Sports on this race series.

There are three race locations for 2016 – San Diego, Atlanta and Phoenix. If you decide you want to join in the fun COUPON CODE: IRUNTHISBODY will take $10 off the half marathon and $5 off the 5K. Feel free to share the code!

Starting Monday I’ll begin training for the half marathon in San Diego!

As part of the partnership I’ll be taking over the RRS Craft Classic Instagram page once a week and posting pictures of my running adventures. If you aren’t following them over there this is the LINK to their page. Instagram not your thing? You can find the RRS Craft Classic on Facebook HERE


I’m thinking of using a training plan from a book, rather than one I came up with. I think it might be nice to just follow what someone else says to do for a bit rather than allowing myself to move things around.

In the fall I hired a coach to help me get back in to shape and while I did really like not having to think about what to do, I almost ran myself in to the ground. There were some days I woke up and walking hurt. As someone who has never been injured that’s when I knew it was time to move on. I needed to back off and go back to coaching myself in a way where I just listened to my body and ran accordingly.

If you have been reading here for any significant period of time you likely know that I’m not really a “plan” girl – I like to just run on how I feel and while YES I 100 percent believe in that and think that it works on different levels than having detailed daily workouts, I do enjoy pushing myself and would like to feel strong come July 17th!

Once I decide on the plan/book {I’m debating between a couple} – I’ll share with you guys in case you want to follow along. We can virtually train together!!

My half marathon PR from a bazillion years ago {2009} is a 1:32:52. The most recent half that I pushed myself at was in October – I wasn’t tapered for it and was still feeling the hip thing and ran a 1:40:53. I’m thinking that a 1:35 or so goal sounds about right for my fitness level and where I hope it to be in 13 or so weeks. I’ll adjust up or down as the training progresses, but I like having a number in mind ahead of time so I don’t train too fast or too slow!

When I was a sophomore in college mom ran her first marathon in San Diego. It was the first marathon I spectated and I vividly remember the thoughts I had that day.

These people are nuts.

It’s hot out here.

I’m getting burnt.

Spectating is no joke.

When are they going to be finished?

I’m hungry.

These people are nuts.

Now I’m one of those crazy people.

It’s going to be special going back and running a race where running in a way – began in my family.

It’s one of those if this didn’t happen that wouldn’t have happened. My mom would have NEVER have trained for a marathon if her co-worker, now turned friend {who is now my good friend and godmother of my daughter}, didn’t ask her to run with her. I would have NEVER have trained for a marathon if my mom hadn’t convinced me it was the best thing since sliced bread. :)



If you missed my post yesterday – the link to the TV Show I was filming for in March is live on the ESPN Run website – you can watch it HERE

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  1. Nanci Yager says:

    Looking forward to hearing your plan-book for your half. Recently finished sub 2 hr (barely) for my first half in 6 years. I am using a paid web-based plan, and tweaking it to my liking. But not sure if it’s right for me.

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