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I ran Rock N Roll DC this  past weekend and used it as my long run for Boston Marathon. It turned in to the craziest interval workout ever because I took over “instagram stories” on the @runrocknroll instagram page! I had a blast paying attention to the music, the sights on course, ALL the spectator signs, and groups out there cheering everyone on. My bestie @paceofme was in town to cheer her sister on in the marathon. It was her sister’s birthday and she wanted to celebrate by running a marathon {a girl after my own heart}.


When I saw Jess I stopped. We hugged, chatted, made a silly video and asked another spectator to take a photo of us. Both of us have been working hard the past year to get to a healthy place with running and our bodies. We remarked that in the past neither of us would have EVER STOPPED during a race. We were both so focused on speed that it wouldn’t have mattered that we hadn’t seen each other in months, we would have waved and kept on running. While I am certainly NOT knocking not wanting to stop in a race {it is a race after all and most times the point is to run quickly from point a to point b} I’m just pointing out that I am extremely happy that I can run races multiple ways now and that I’m not so focused on a time that I can’t or won’t stop to see a friend.

Rock N Roll DC via @mileposts

I can run a race and try to get the best of myself in terms of a time, I can run races for fun, and I can run races with no other goal in mind other than to enjoy the day and take it all in. Enjoying the day on Saturday meant stopping to see a friend who moved to North Carolina, one I haven’t seen in over 10 months. That means something to me.

Running the half this way was completely different from how I’ve run it in the past {I’m including the times I ran it before it was RNR DC}.

Rock N Roll DC via @mileposts

Often times I have a hard time remembering things about the course, I remember the hills or turns but I don’t remember the scenery or the entertainment. I’m so in my pain bubble that the only thing that registers is putting one foot in front of the other. Maybe I remember someone who annoyed me with their keys jiggling in their pockets, or I remember the pot hole I almost fell in, but I don’t truly remember the course. For a long time I wondered why people cared so much about running in different cities. I wasn’t looking at the city, I was worried about the clock. I think it’s why I didn’t mind running local races over and over. I had memorized what was underfoot and when running to get to point b from point a as fast as you can, what is underfoot is what matters.

I’m not saying I won’t ever want to get the best of myself in the form of time again. I believe that this is a season of gratitude in my life and that the way it’s taking form is not in speed. I’m finding other ways, that are fulfilling, to get what I see as the best of me out of myself.



Rock N Roll DC via @mileposts



  1. I can never remember what the course looked like during a race – I remember driving down a road I raced on once, having a deja vu moment and realizing that I had been there before, just in a very different mind set! Racing gives us pain train blinders sometimes!

  2. Glad you had a fun run! I’m hoping the weather for the Cherry Blossom 10 miler doesn’t suck. It’s one of the prettiest races, and I love running it every year.

  3. very nice post

  4. I realized this very thing during my Shamrock Shuffle 5k – beat last year’s time! And yet the race wasn’t as fun as last year. The reason, last year my daughter and grandkids did the race also. So, I agree that there are the races you really want to do well in and then have some fun runs and fun times! Love this!

  5. Hi, very good article.
    Thanks for sharing, keep up the good work.

  6. You know, maybe that’s a good thing about being a back of the pack runner. I find myself enjoying a course route more a lot of times. I’m all about the social aspect of running and enjoying the journey. Of course, I do like to push myself too though. :)

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