Yesterday my training started for RNR DC!

I had convinced myself that I wanted to stop running marathons all together for a couple of years but the truth is that was just the part of me that is really frustrated with the dizziness that has seemed to come and go over the past couple of years.

It’s stolen enough from me that I’m not going to stop doing something in love while I search for answer. On a run last week where I was cruising for the first 2 miles and then got dizzy in the third mile, that I decided I had two choices, I could give up or I could keep going. Just like that I decided I was going to keep going both on the run and running in general. Instead of walking through the door of my house with tears in my eyes, I walked in more motivated than ever. People with larger problems and issues than myself keep going. I’m not minimizing what I am going through because it does SUCK but I think a healthy dose of perspective always helps to keep how I feel about my problems/issues in check.

Maybe I’ll have a great race or maybe like Marine Corps Marathon in October – I won’t. There is however something I really truly love about the training and keeping myself accountable to myself. I have a tendency to let myself fall in to a dark hole mentally when I don’t have fitness/running as a focus. I don’t want to let myself to get to a point where it’s all I care about BUT I do need/want it to be something that is an important part of my life. When I thought about NOT doing a spring marathon it made me sad inside….so I’ll keep on keeping on with fingers crossed that I find an answer soon to this dizziness BS.

RNR DC Marathon Training #RnRDC via @mileposts

I’m crazy about numbers in all sorts of weird and not so weird ways so when I looked down and saw that my final time for my 4 mile progression run yesterday was 33:33 it made me happy. RNR DC will hopefully be my 33 marathon. Someone on instagram pointed out that yesterday was the 333rd day of the year and that there were only 33 days remaining. Something that only happens once every four years. Being the nerd that I am this got me way too excited and took me down a black hole of googling number patterns. To make a long story short – having day #1 of training be a good day really made a difference on my outlook for the 15 weeks that are ahead of me.

I’m going to try to blog weekly about my training so I feel a bit of accountability to not just myself but to the entire process.

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Instead of winging it I made a 15 week plan the old-fashioned way – in a spreadsheet. I’m all about reducing decision fatigue lately and I believe having the decision of what to run mostly decided on a daily basis will help me more productive.

RNR DC Marathon Training #RnRDC via @mileposts

And that’s that…..I’m seriously already excited about the entire RNR DC race weekend!

RNR DC Marathon Training #RnRDC via @mileposts


Are you going to run a spring race?! Which one?!


  1. Love the feeling of starting a new training block!

    I am actually close to finishing one – I am running California International Marathon (CIM) on Sunday. First marathon back since having babies!! I am excited and nervous and grateful =)

  2. I like your mental strength, so motivating. Sometimes I get in to the black hole but something as unexpected to happen as number 3 in your story just helps get me out quicker than expected.

  3. Sad to see that you’re still struggling with dizziness. I know how debilitating and frustrating that can be for runners. Have you seen a Physical Therapist or Neurologist that specializes in vestibular treatment? They should at least be able to give some guidance. Hope training goes well!

  4. I second the comment about vestibular treatment! There are ear, nose, and throat physicians that specialize in diagnosing/recommending treatment for dizziness and they can help guide you in the right direction.

    No spring marathon for me, but I’m gearing up for the NYC marathon in the fall!

  5. Im running RNR DC too!!!!!

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