Monday: The best day of the week or the worst day of the week, all depending on how you look at it.


This morning’s run had promise. I put on my new Brooks Run Happy shirt and grabbed my phone. I don’t typically listen to music, but today I wanted it. The first song that Pandora played was Happy. That’s exactly how I felt – happy.

3 miles in to the run I knew my body was off, to say the very least.

I got dizzy. Again. Instead of being frustrated with my body, I have finally learned the lesson it has been trying to teach me. If I treat my body like crap, if even for a night, it will respond the same way. So I’m chalking it up to dehydration, possibly some sneaky wheat that I didn’t know was in something I ate Saturday night, and I’m moving on.

A smidge over 8.5 miles for the day.

I did a bit of strength and then sat in my new-to-me infrared sauna that Gary gave us before he died. We finally went and picked it up from Eric’s mom and I’m kicking myself for not getting this thing sooner. I have been using it almost every day. As someone who really doesn’t love winter – feeling HOT feels oh so good.

Last week I signed up for Rock N Roll DC.

Perception is everything.

This wasn’t a last-minute decision even though the race is 3 or so weeks away, I just happened to sign up for it last week and decided to share. I started training back in December for Rock N Roll New Orleans, but after some thought – decided that it wasn’t going to work for our family and our budget now, but something closer to home would. I waited to sign up for RNR DC till after I found out if I was on the Rock ‘n’ Blog team for 2016 {one of the perks is a global tour pass}.

I am mostly an open book and over share just about everything but back in 2015 I decided 2016 is the year I do things and then talk about them, not the other way around. Yes I’d get more likes on instagram pictures if I put down my pace for 22.22 miles BUT my life is not about the almighty LIKE this year.

So while I haven’t been posting my workouts in detail or telling you what paces I’m running or what my goals are, etc. – I still have goals, I’m just keeping them close to my heart.

I signed up for another marathon in April and am debating one other one. There are years I like to focus on speed and there are years I like quantity and after running only one marathon last year I want to run a couple instead of just one. Everything I do now is laying the groundwork for a later date.

Taking off the pressure this spring has been amazing and I truly feel like I’m at a place where the joy I get from running is at an all time high. If that makes any sense.
Alex and ani

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