Sunday’s race convinced me that I have to get serious about what’s going on with this dizziness/vertigo/whatever the heck it is. I can’t take living like this anymore.

I want to look {and feel} this happy every day of my life.

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Two years ago when I had my allergies tested, it came back that I was allergic to a host of things.

I thought that hearing the exact foods that were causing a reaction in my body would be enough to help me quit them. Only it overwhelmed me because of the abundance of foods I was eating on a weekly basis. I cried. I felt like, well if I am allergic to everything then I’m just going to cry and keep on crying and feeling sorry for myself. Crying does nothing – trust me – I’ve done it often – it may have felt good to cry it out – but at the end of the day it did nothing to help improve the situation.

I quit coffee and went so far as to say that it looked like poison to me, for awhile I had no desire to touch it. Which lasted, till I started to feel better, and decided that coffee was one of life’s little pleasures that I wasn’t willing to give up.

I gave up certain foods and thought I was on track UNTIL I wasn’t.

I just up and quit essentially.

I reasoned that no one could be allergic to ALL this stuff. I mean carrots? Come on – who is allergic to carrots?

I reasoned that because I do not have put-me-in-the-hospital-reactions that it wasn’t real, some how those tests were wrong.

After Sunday I’m convinced they weren’t wrong and maybe part of the dizziness puzzle is food.

So while I have zero answers now and this may or may not be the problem, I’m putting it out there for the accountability factor.

The one thing on the list of things I’m allergic to that I gave up completely was wheat. Yes, I miss it, but not enough to eat it because I know how terrible I will feel after.

It took awhile of not eating it for me to really see the effect it had on me, but now that it’s gone, I’ll never bring it back. With it went the chronic bloating and distended stomach. Logically my mind knows that if that one change helped so dramatically, other changes could do the same.

The hardest part in all of this is going to be staying strong and not quitting – knowing that it takes time to see results, that stopping eating these things is not going to immediately make me feel better BUT that in the long run maybe it will pay off.

On my allergy tests wheat was a 4+ — my other 4+’s were green beans, carrots, almonds, cashews, mustard, and cocoa so I am making a promise to myself this very moment that I am not going to eat those things anymore.

Peanuts, walnuts, and sesame seeds were all a 3+, so I am thinking that nuts in general need to go. I’ve been eating a lot of them lately and maybe that’s why in the past three weeks I’ve been getting dizzy more often, when it had almost stopped before.  I ate nuts Saturday night – both on my salad {macadamia nuts} and as a snack {almonds}. I also had some M & M’s – I don’t even like M & M’s but my kids were eating them and I was running a marathon, so I figured what the heck, I’ll have some. ugh.

I ate 3 gu’s that morning. One 20 minutes before the race, one at mile 5 ish and then another right before I got really dizzy. GU has sunflower oil in it.

Coffee was a +2 so technically it produces an inflammatory reaction.

Right before the race Eric, Chloe and Miles and I went to Starbucks. There is one close to the race start that is HUGE and no one is ever in there before the race. So the four of us hung out there till 30 minutes before the race start and then drove over to the race. I had a tall Veranda blend coffee with half and half and literally felt sick while drinking it BUT I was convinced it was just nerves and that I needed the caffeine. I’m pretty good at convincing myself of stuff because clearly if something makes me feel ick, I shouldn’t drink or eat it, but it’s not that easy.

B and A 2016 1

I don’t want to give up coffee. sigh.

If giving up certain foods or food groups was easy for you, kudos, you probably think I’m nuts. If it’s not easy for you then you are sitting here thinking me too girl, me too, if only giving up things was as easy as every says it is.

I have a call in to my doctor and am going to go see a heart specialist, just to rule it out BUT maybe just maybe food is the answer and I have the power to fix this.

Accountability is a wonderful thing.

On the accountability note I’m thinking of hiring a running coach again, would love any suggestions you might have as to someone you have used that you really like!

Two days removed from the race it would be easy for me to dwell on all the money I wasted on this failed marathon, but the truth is, it wasn’t wasted. We had a lot of fun with Chloe and Miles at the Westin in Annapolis. We enjoyed a yummy meal just the four of us and shared hotel room giggles while Miles acted like a mad man. So no regrets. Thinking that I need to run a shorter race sometime soon to make the twinge of sadness go away.

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