Last week I wrapped up my first week of 45 miles since before Boston. To be honest, it could be my first 45 week this year, I didn’t track my mileage during my Boston training, so I’m just assuming I ran that one week. I seem to remember being happy about that number this year, so I’m 99 percent sure that happened but am too lazy to go back and search through old instagram photos to see if I posted about it…..alas the years and marathons are starting to mesh together…..

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I was searching for photos to send to an editor this morning, so I spent much too long looking at old photos and smiling about memories. At times I feel like nothing much happens in my life, same thing, different week. Looking back at the photos reminded me that I have a very short memory when it comes to memories. I’ve done a lot in the past couple of years – from kid life – to running life – to life, life – there has been a lot squeezed in. It can seem silly in the moment to stop on a run to snap a picture, but it’s my way of “smelling the roses” – it keeps my long runs from blending together in the future.

Saturday I ran my first 18 miler since before Boston. I felt good for the most part, but wasn’t hydrated enough going in to the run. Thankfully the temperature was more manageable than it has been in recent weeks or I would have been in a world of hurt. I drank ALL the water I brought with me. Somewhere around mile 16 I texted my husband and said I needed a little encouragement because I was ready to be finished and I was also really dehydrated. He met me on our front porch after the run with a glass of water. I’m telling you that when you are dehydrated your husband meets you with a glass of water it will feel like the greatest gift he has ever given you – how romantic I thought. Then when I was finished with the glass of water I thought? Did you really think a glass of water was romantic haha? I also told him a couple of times throughout the day JUST HOW NICE THAT WAS of him to do for me. Apparently being really dehydrated = easy to please.

My coach had the goal pace for the at 8:45-9:38 and for the most part I was in that range!

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I’m not a slave to my watch when I run and I think it makes for more enjoyable runs + better pacing come race day.

I knew what the goal pace was and I set out to run what felt like that pace. I don’t  look down at my watch during a mile to see what pace my watch thinks I’m running. The only time I look at it is when I hear the beep of a mile completed. I look to see what that mile was to see if it was inline with what I thought my pace would be for that mile. I know that on miles that are downhill my pace is naturally going to be faster with less effort. I’m not going to slow myself down on those miles, but I’m also not going to push just because it feels easier. On the flip side I know when a mile is entirely uphill my pace is going to be slower. I’m not going to push to make sure I’m in the pace range. Thankfully my fitness level is at a level where even going uphill I wasn’t outside of the 9:38 range. That being said if I had seen a 9:45 or 9:50+ when going uphill I wouldn’t have stressed about that in the least, because the effort level of the mile would have been in the goal range I was going for. Make sense?

The same thing goes for when I do a track type workout on the roads. I don’t know what my average pace is for the repeats. I run on perceived effort and let the paces fall where they may. It can help pass the time during a workout because I really want it to be over so I can take a look at what I ran. It might sound crazy to some but it has helped me to be able to really dial in what pace I’m running without needing a watch telling me.

My data for the run isn’t in Strava because for some reason my watch told VDOT02 that the run happened on August 14th?! I haven’t figured out what the deal is on that…but am working on it….

18 Miler Marathon Training

All other workouts for last week are in Strava though. Yay for actually documenting everything! Slowly but surely this little ol’ running blog is becoming a running blog again hahaha.

Thank you to everyone who has joined my new I Run This Body virtual run club!! There are 797 members in the group so far!! <3 CLICK HERE to join

25 days till Rock N Roll VA Beach……YAY!

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  1. the cooler temps this weekend were such a godsend for long runs. glad yours was good!

  2. Really enjoying the blog, especially since I’m looking to run my first marathon next year! Cheers.

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