December is a great month to contemplate what you want to achieve or work towards in the new year!

If one of your goals is to get out there and run more often, new music can be just the motivation you need. I like to save songs I really enjoy for when I am out running, that way I have something to look forward to and don’t get burnt out on the song.

Check out the top ten playlist for December from RunHundred!

Music To Run To: December Playlist via @Mile Posts

“Dance tracks dominate the proceedings in our monthly workout music recap. While that sounds like the introduction to one-dimensional playlist, the tracks approach the genre from different avenues. Plus, there are a handful of pop singles mixing things up along the way.

The first batch of dance tracks are the remixes—where Top 40 favorites like The Weeknd and clubland stars like Flume both find their recent hits reimagined. Elsewhere, you’ll find David Guetta and Nevada each leading collaborative covers of a pair of ’90s, R&B singles. Finally, you’ve got straightforward pop tunes including a rousing send off to past loves from Little Mix and a contribution to the Sing soundtrack featuring Stevie Wonder and Ariana Grande.

On the surface, it might appear that the common denominator at work here is a steady dance/pop vibe. But, there’s a bit more variety at work than you might expect. Accordingly, the list’s true consistency lies in its lively, uncomplicated beats—which will make for excellent motivation on your next run. To that end, here’s the full top 10 list—according to the votes logged on workout music site Run Hundred

The Weeknd & Daft Punk – Starboy (Kygo Remix) – 94 BPM

The Chainsmokers & XYLØ – Setting Fires – 105 BPM

Nevada, Mark Morrison & Fetty Wap – The Mack – 106 BPM

Calvin Harris – My Way (Offaiah Remix) – 124 BPM

Flume & Tove Lo – Say It (Clean Bandit Remix) – 130 BPM

Little Mix – Shout Out to My Ex – 126 BPM

David Guetta, Cedric Gervais & Chris Willis – Would I Lie to You (Extended) – 124 BPM

Stevie Wonder & Ariana Grande – Faith – 158 BPM

Sia – Move Your Body (Alan Walker Remix) – 128 BPM

Bebe Rexha – I Got You – 99 BPM

To find more workout songs, folks can check out the free database at Visitors can browse the song selections there by genre, tempo, and era—to find the music that best fits with their particular workout routine.

What songs are you loving that aren’t on this list? Tell me!


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