Your Recovery Obsession Is Slowing You Down: An interesting read from Outside online about speeding up recovery and how could actually be working against you. Read the article and then tell me – do you agree or disagree? At first I thought – no way – recovery is vital – but after thinking about it more, I think the article has some very valid points and is making me re-think some of my recovery strategies. Maybe I’ve been taking too many Epsom Salt Baths lately?! Who knows!

Your Attitude About Aging May Impact How You Age: A scientificky {Urban Dictionary says it’s a word – so I’m going with it} read from Time online. The power of being positive goes a long way in all areas of life – my two cents.

If I Could Talk To My Non-Runner Self: My latest post for Women’s Running is up on their blog. My blog posts typically post Friday nights on their blog!

4 Running Workouts That Only Take 30 Minutes: Short on time this holiday season. Check out this post from Race Pace Jess on the Women’s Running Blog.

From The Archives: Music or No Music When You Run or Workout? What are your thoughts? If you like music and are looking for more songs to add to your playlist, make sure to check out my post from RunHundred on the top 10 for December!

I have a fun jewelry giveaway going on, on my instagram page. Lindsay just launched her new jewelry business and you can win your choice of one of three necklaces. It’s not sponsored in any way, it’s just me supporting another female owned business.



Hope you all have a wonderful weekend filled with great runs and lots of time with family and friends!

xoxo Dorothy


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