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Here are some articles, blog posts, and stories from around the web that I found interesting…..

13 Best Ab Exercises You Can Do Standing Up – I’m a fan of ab work and more specifically core work! If you are looking for some exercises to add to your home routine this article from Greatist is a helpful read.

I’m a big fan of Brooks new ad campaign, Live The Way You Run. Run Happy. I think that how we feel when we run affects other areas of our lives more than many of us realize. This is a good post explaining what it means to them as a company to live the way you run. {insert heart emoji}

This comic from The Oatmeal cracks me up every time! At The Gym, Who Is Looking At Whom

Price Isn’t Everything When It Comes To Running Shoes I really enjoyed this article. Most of what I do is part of an online world but it didn’t start that way. I also believe nothing can or will replace face to face contact.

I love the specialty running stores that I live near and I can credit one of them to my start as a runner. While working in this specialty running store during college I met a guy who worked for Brooks, when he was moving on from the job, he came in to the store to let us know he was leaving because he thought one of us might be interested. I applied for that job. I was hired as an assistant to the guy who got the job BUT when he moved on from it, he reccommended me and I was hired! That job led to another job at Moving Comfort where I had the great fortune of working under both the the women who started the company. Their advice over the years was invaluable. Those jobs and other running related jobs lead to the creation of Mile Posts. All of the experiences that have happened over the past ten years, all started with a part time job at my local running specialty store!

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There has been a lot of talk lately about cheating. It’s been interesting seeing what people have to say on both sides of the spectrum. THIS article on a triathlon cheat is interesting. All this chatter reminded me of a post I wrote years ago after a man told me he cut part of the course at a marathon during a casual conversation.


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