One of my favorite weekly posts from Becoming Minimalist is the weekend reads post {which I rarely have time to read on the weekend}. When I find myself with an extra few moments to spare waiting in the car pool line or bored at a basketball practice I read an article. In a world where there are endless things to read, I like that some of the leg work has been done for me. I haven’t read one of the articles yet that I have thought to myself, well that was a waste of time.

Here are the nuggets I’ve enjoy from the around the internet this week. Some are old, some are newer, some touched me, and some are informative. If you find yourself with a couple of extra moments this weekend/week here is some reading for you!



Hopeful, Hungry and Chasing a Lie: Disordered Eating in Distance Running I really hate that this is a reality in running, but I hate even more that it’s a HUGE reality in social media. I believe that if you are cheerleading on a man or woman who clearly has a problem you are in fact contributing to the problem. Think before you comment on social media. My two cents.
While we are talking about food.
Here is a good article on what your macro nutrient breakdown should look like based on what type of sports you are in to. I think it’s a helpful tool in determining what the ideal amount of carbohydrates should look like for you.
I have a marathon coming up in a week, so alcohol has been on my mind lately. Should I drink, shouldn’t I drink? It’s fun before, I regret it later. Is it going to mess me up come race day? Here is a great article on how alcohol affects your performance.
While we are talking about alcohol.
A friend of mine recently started a blog and her post about Winning The Race Against Anxiety is spot on and eloquently written.
Lastly there is a new study that is going to look at the cardiac effect of marathons on first time marathoners. I for one can’t wait to see the results!
Did you find any interesting articles or blog posts around the web this week? Feel free to share them!


  1. I read Sarah’s article yesterday — so good! Can’t wait to peruse the rest of your suggestions!

  2. great curation. will definitely dig in and read these over the weekend,

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