Morning friends! I’ve been hinting for about a month that I had a new coach, but haven’t shared who.

Before I share I want to say that in the past month a fire that I haven’t felt in a long time is burning strong inside me. Though I still have my ups and downs {and will continue to have them and share them}, I feel like I’m at a point where my mind and body are working together as one when it comes to running. My new coach without a doubt has helped create the sparks that started the fire.


Alicia Shay is my new running coach! Photo from the Girls On The Run 5K Race Virginia -

I’ve spoken at length how I believe the mind runs the body. I know this to be a personal truth. I believe though at times my mind has pushed my body a bit TOO much. While yes the obvious could be that I have in the past 13 years run a fair share of marathons, I think it’s more than that. I’ve been angry at my body when it didn’t do what my mind told it to do and instead of listening to what my body had to say I tried to overrule it. I pushed and cried and hated myself for not being where I wanted to be. At times I lost focus on the journey.

DNF’ing my first race this spring has taught me more about myself than finishing that race ever could have. Mostly though, I realized that if you don’t love your body, one day it’s going to crap out on you and in my case I had no one to blame but myself.

Life can hand you lemons, but it’s all in what you do with those lemons that matters.

I wrote this piece for Women’s Running last week that I’d like to share with you. It’s a post I’m proud of because it speaks to how much I’ve grown over the years. {Ignore the title}

Now to the fun part – my new running coach!!

Finding a coach proved a little harder than expected so I reached out to my friend Mario to ask him who he would suggest. It was a no brainer when he sent back suggestions. I went with Alicia Shay and am SUPER happy with my choice! I have found myself really excited each week for the workouts to come. She has also been great in helping me to take more full on rest days instead always pushing myself to the limit.

What do you mean do nothing? As in do nothing? I’m not good at nothing…..

You can check out her website here –

And if you want to congratulate her on her engagement last week OR look at her beautiful pictures on instagram you can follow her HERE!!!

Another round of congratulations are in order for Mario who will be leaving Competitor Magazine and moving on to a new #running adventure. And yes I now speak in hashtags 😉

If you don’t follow Mario, you should. You also should sign up for his weekly newsletter – the morning shake out – it’s a good one!

Until next time running friends xoxo Dorothy



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  1. healthyhappierbear says:

    Congrats on your new coach and big, hairy audacious but FUN running goals! Looking forward to finally meeting !

  2. Definitely congrats on your new coach! Debated between hiring one and taking the classes myself. For now, I’m taking the classes, but I have a feeling it will make me want to hire one even more! :)

  3. Congratulation your fun part new running coach!

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