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I haven’t talked much about training lately. Since this is a running blog I should probably talk about running every once in a while 😉

Marathon training is in full swing and in 21 days my kids will go back to school and I’ll be able to run outside again for the majority of my runs. Life is good.

I hired a coach. I joined Strava.

I was hesitant to join Strava for safety reasons but after chatting with some women, specifically this woman I decided to give it a go to help me with accountability during this marathon training cycle.

I love typing out marathon training cycle. I haven’t had a true training cycle in years. Yes I trained but it was more of a do what I can when I can thing because of the dizziness I was experiencing. I’ll talk about the dizziness soon….I just want to make sure that before I hit publish on the post – that it is well thought out. It’s a topic that is deeply personal to me so I want to make sure a. I’m doing it justice and b. I’m ready to put it out there for people to critique. If there is anything I’ve learned in 8 years of blogging it’s that people will TRY to find something wrong with what you have to say no matter what you say – like the time people debated back and forth about this picture not being at the same race – because clearly I have on different shoes they said and it would be impossible for you to look like the picture on the left and the picture on the right in the same race – so I had to be lying. Nope – not impossible – it happened – it’s called lighting and the shoes are the same thank you very much…..

August 1st was the start of my second month of training with my new coach {and best friend} Jess! You can find her on social media as @paceofme and you can check out her coaching page on her blog HERE!

I decided to hire Jess {yes I’m a paying client} because she literally knows more about me than just about anyone. She knows my life struggles, my running struggles….she knows what my strong points are and where my weaknesses lie physically, mentally and emotionally…and because of that she felt like the PERFECT person to help me train again. It is a beautiful thing when your body cooperates with your mind. I’d imagine this is what it feels like to come back from an injury and in many ways this felt like an un-diagnosed injury. Every time I thought I knew what was causing it or how to fix it – I’d get thrown on my butt again and be left crying wondering why I was getting dizzy and frustrated because I couldn’t seem to fix it. In some ways maybe an injury would have been easier to deal with – I don’t know.

I’ve had to do a fair amount of training this summer on my treadmill but have been doing my best to add those runs to Strava. I lost data from one of my Garmin watches from earlier this year {very frustrating} and obviously have no clue what my treadmill runs were since I wasn’t writing them down – so ignore the overall year stats. I’m not rushing my year away but I do think it will be cool in 2018 to have all of my data in one place. I stopped writing down what my weekly runs were, mileage etc. when I became too obsessive about it. Then once I started getting dizzy, there was no point because my weekly entries would have made me sad. Now that I’m in a better place and FAR from obsessive about anything I feel like I can record things and not have numbers control me in any way.

And last but NOT least…..I shared on instagram last night what fall marathon I’m training for!!! GAHHHH I’m so excited.

If you are on Strava and want to follow me you can find me HERE


  1. i love strava and love reading jess’s blog! happy training.

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