“I like goals, goals are my favorite.”

One of my favorite quotes from the movie Elf is when Buddy says that smiling is his favorite!

I’m a goal oriented person. Goals help keep me on track personally and professionally. Many of them are fluid and revolve around an ever-changing life dynamic but some of them are simple and stay the same throughout the year.

Two of my main goals for this 2016 were – eat more protein, drink more water. Seems simple enough – right?

As it turns out – hard is typically easy for me and simple, well, it’s always harder than it should be.

One of the issues I ran in to while increasing my protein intake is that it’s not always easy to find something that is convenient to eat after a run that doesn’t involved drinking a protein shake {not always my favorite} or a typical chalky protein bar {which often feels like a chore to eat}. I want to enjoy the food I’m eating and don’t think that’s too much to ask!

A Nut Free, Organic, Grass-Fed Meat Bar! via @mileposts

When I discovered Mighty Bars, a tasty meat bar, it became easy to eat protein post run! Not only that, it wasn’t a chore. I didn’t have to choke it down or worry about mixing some sort of powder.

The first time I tried a meat type bar was a couple of years ago was with a friend who was crazy about them. Meat in a bar?! My head couldn’t wrap itself around the idea. I tried it anyways, at her urging, and have been hooked on this type of energy bar ever since. I enjoy fruity type bars as well but can’t always handle the sugar crash feeling after {even if it’s a natural sugar}. The Cranberry & Sunflower seed flavor only has 3g of organic cane sugar but tastes sweet because of the cranberry. It’s the perfect mix of sweet and savory! They also come in Uncured Bacon & Apple, and Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper flavors – yum!

A Nut Free, Organic, Grass-Fed Meat Bar! via @mileposts

These bars are bars I can feel good about eating because it’s made with 100% grass-fed beef {if you don’t know the difference between grass-fed beef, grain fed beef, and 100% grass-fed beef I encourage you to do your research! I had no clue that unless a cow is fed 100% grass-fed it at some point eats grains even if it’s labelled as grassfed.} The bars are USDA Certified Organic with real ingredients and if you are gluten and/or nut free – the bars are too! Mighty Bars are the only bar in the market that are both grass-fed AND organic.

A Nut Free, Organic, Grass-Fed Meat Bar! via @mileposts

As a family we eat healthy but I do let my kids eat things that I don’t really want them to eat – I’m looking at you sugary cereals. I want to control what they eat but I have learned through my own journey with food and nutrition that there has to be a balance. I have to let them discover what makes them feel good after they eat it and what makes their stomach hurt.

A Nut Free, Organic, Grass-Fed Meat Bar! via @mileposts

I thought had a rather large stash of these bars in the pantry but when I went to grab one yesterday I noticed that I had half of what I thought I had. Turns out little man Colton, my 6 year old, has been “sneaking” them as his snack when he gets home from school. It feels good when my kids like something that provides them with nutrients and is also something they think they need to “sneak.” I think that pretty much sums up how tasty these Mighty Bars are but if you need to hear it from me – they are THAT good. Try them!

What’s your go-to easy to grab snack that you eat after a run?

You can find Mighty Bars on instagram HERE

 A Nut Free, Organic, Grass-Fed Meat Bar! via @mileposts
Note: Mighty Bar sent me these bars for review purposes
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