I feel as if I have been waiting all winter for this week. The week I want to spend every possible moment outside.

The weekly temperature high is going to be between 60 – 70 degrees!

The sun coming through Chloe’s window this morning, felt like it was telling us it too was excited for warmth!!

Chloe Girls On The Run Day 1 - 1

For the past couple of months we have been de-cluttering our house. Inspired by a few of my favorite minimalist blogs we have been slowly reducing, not only the clutter, but things we don’t need.

For so long I’ve held on to everything. Notes passed in high school – I kept them. Birthday cards for every year of my life – I kept them. Christmas cards from friends – I kept them. High school prom dresses – I kept them. That Abercrombie & Fitch floral shirt from 11th grade where the floral pattern name was Dorothy, I kept it.

I’m letting go.

If a friend was cleaning out her house and had stuff to giveaway, she knew to call me to ask if I wanted it. I’m not sure I turned anything down. This was great for a period of time, we made do with what people had generously given us and we didn’t complain. Now however it’s become a habit, a habit of keeping more than we need. Keeping things we don’t even like.

The best way I’ve found to undo a habit is to create a new habit in its place.

A habit of being as generous with our things as others have been with theirs to us. A habit of saying – thank you so much for thinking of me, but only saying YES to something if we truly love it or need it.

Clearing out has not only given us back space in our house, but it’s given us back time. I spent hours every day tidying up and putting things away. Only to always feel like the house was a mess. I was overwhelmed by the cleaning, the messes, the feeling that I was never making any progress.

Now my house {for the most part} is easy enough to tidy up. Yes, it’s always going to need cleaning – like wiping down the counters, or mopping the floors but it doesn’t really need massive 6 hour clean ups anymore because our house is not filled to the brim anymore. Don’t love it? It goes.

When something enters our house I do my best to find something that needs to leave. Sounds easy enough, but it was work to create this habit.


And here we are….the first warm day and the boys are outside playing {and fighting – ugh #boyswillbeboys}.

Chloe is at her school running because Girls On The Run started today.

AND I did not waste the day cleaning……..all the months of creating live-with-less-habits, de-cluttering, and donating paid off today.

Chloe Girls On The Run

It’s race week, which has me giddy inside. Races are parties #partylikearockstar

You don’t get to attend the party and finish if you haven’t put in the work. On Saturday months of freezing cold runs will ALL be worth it. Every marathon finish is one that should be celebrated – whether it’s your 1st or your 21st, there is something very special about this distance.

My sister is running the half and is aiming for her first sub 2 hour finish. I’m keeping my shoe laces crossed that she hits her goal!

I ran an easy 10K this morning on the treadmill before taking Colton to pre-school. So far the treadmill run feature is one of my favorites on my new Garmin Fenix. I have always found it annoying that the treadmill didn’t beep to let you know a mile had passed. The beep or buzz of a mile completed is motivating to me.

When I run outside don’t look down at my watch while running to check my pace, I only every look down to see what my split was and even then I don’t do that on every run. Without the beep, I constantly found myself checking the time on my treadmill, which made even a 6 mile run move slowly. Now my problem is solved – I have a watch I can wear inside and outside :)

Chloe Girls On The Run Day 1


If you missed my post Friday, hop over there to enter to win a fun watch.

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