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I’m excited to share with you today one of my kid’s new favorite drinks!

LALA Yogurt Smoothies via @mileposts

I’ve never understood the adage, don’t drink your calories, it’s like the silly fashion rule that once attempted to tell us we should not wear white shoes or white pants after labor day.

I LIKE drinking calories. If I eat something heavy before a run, I feel heavy on the run. A full meal before getting on the bike? I’ve quickly learned that leaning over does not lend itself to an overly full stomach. Drinking a snack or even a full meal has become my go-to way to fuel up before a workout and is an easy way for me to get in protein quickly after.

We are rule breakers in our house {wink} we drink our calories and wear white whenever we please!

In all seriousness, yogurt smoothies are a quick and painless way to give my kids a snack. If you are a parent you have probably participated in a food battle at one point in your life. While I have two children who will eat mostly anything, one of whom will eat as many berries as I will let him and asks me for salmon for a snack, I have another little person who will eat just about OH nothing. Sigh. It can be very trying and frustrating at times when you have a child who would just rather not eat than consider eating anything less than his favorites.

LALA Yogurt Smoothies via @mileposts

That being said LALA Yogurt Smoothies were a hit with all THREE of my kids. Hip hip hooray. Colton and Chloe actually got in to a mini fight over the last Tropical Mango bottle. #LALAforLife

She was very proud of her LALA mustache {mooooostache as she pronounces it}! It’s the little things in life right?! #Yogurting

LALA Yogurt Smoothies via @mileposts

This fall I’ve been spending more time than I care to add up, on the sidelines of sporting events for my kids. While I am NOT complaining because I LOVE watching them play and being their number 1 fan, I quickly realized that if I wanted to make it through the sometimes endless practices and games I needed to pack lots of snacks for not just them but me. An apple and a LALA yogurt smoothie has been the perfect nutrient dense snack post soccer for all three of my little soccer players.

The LALA Pina Colada flavor has been transporting me to tropical vacations in my mind while I’m freezing on the sidelines, no spoon needed! #winwin

LALA Yogurt Smoothies via @mileposts

If you are like me {or my little people} and enjoy drinking your snacks I totally recommend LALA Yogurt Smoothies. You can check out where you can purchase LALA HERE

You can also find them on Instagram HERE, Facebook HERE, and Twitter HERE

I can’t promise they will make you as cute as this girl but I can promise they are yummy!


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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of LALA Yogurt Smooothies. The opinions and text are all mine.


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