A spectacular sunrise this morning left me with a feeling of – I’ve seen this before but where? Obviously I’ve seen a sunrise before and similar sunrises at that, but this particular sunrise seemed to be something I see on a daily basis. Then it clicked – the instagram logo!! It’s literally the sunrise in all it’s glory.

My Instagram Logo via @mileposts

Obviously this is making me way happier than it should but I feel like the words I wrote on my instagram picture this morning were meant as a reminder to me specifically even though I didn’t intend them to be that. #shinebright

I wrote out a lot that I ended up deleting – like the fact that the sun doesn’t hate that it is round or that it doesn’t feel less than the moon. It doesn’t compare itself to other planets. It knows it’s special just the way it is.

It felt like a mini “God Wink” and I fully believe in those.

I’ve been dreaming of what the “logo” should be for I Have A Runner’s Body – currently it’s the “my instagram logo” picture I made of a bunch of my running shirts, shoe laces, and a running cap – with run placed over. While I still need an actual logo for it – I think the colors of the rainbow are perfect as a representation of the fact that runner’s bodies come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

If you don’t follow the @ihavearunnersbody instagram – you can check it out HERE. I love going through your pictures every day and reading your stories <3 My Instagram Logo via @mileposts

Those are my random Friday thoughts, now to get some work finished up before heading to my basement to do a workout. It’s FREEZING here today so it has me a bit worried about how cold it’s going to be for the polar plunge tomorrow for Camp Sunshine! Ackkkk think warm thoughts for me please!!

xo Dorothy

My Instagram Logo via @mileposts My Instagram Logo via @mileposts


  1. Truly amazing picture of the sunrise! Thanks for sharing the beauty for us to enjoy :-)

  2. Absolutely beautiful sunrise!

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