Since we last talked about my dizziness issues I received my blood work results back from my InsideTracker High Performance Test. It felt like I was a kid on Christmas waiting to open my presents, only I wasn’t sure which day Christmas was, so I obsessively checked my InsideTracker dashboard to see if the results had come through.

I read through some of the suggestions that they had made after my last test and felt confident that this test would bring me good news.

A little refresher on why I chose the High Performance Test this time around:

  • No fasting required
  • Less expensive
  • Focuses on the markers that matter for running performance {10 most important markers for endurance, recovery and performance: testosterone, cortisol, vitamin D, ferritin, hemoglobin, vitamin B12, hsCRP, ALT, SHBG, Creatine Kinase}

I didn’t touch on this in my last post, so I’ll touch on it now. Why InsideTracker?

Well first there are the health implications, which are first and foremost in my eyes, but then there is also the fact that I turned 34 last month. I’m young, but I’m not getting any younger. I know my older self is going to wish that I gave it my all at some point in running. I am 100% percent happy with my PR’s – a 4:20 marathon to a 3:11?! Yep, satisfied. A 1:06 10 miler PR, yep, also happy. There is however a piece of me that knows that the 10 mile PR came in the middle of training for a marathon and I just #ranhappy that day and gave it what I had, but certainly not what I think my all is. Same with the 3:11. I gave my all that day, but my all that day wasn’t that much, it wasn’t the best of races for me. Will I be OK if all my PR’s stay the same and I just improve how I feel, yes BUT why not try? Why not take a chance.

I had a conversation last fall with a girl who told me that for years her friends have “invested” in designer handbags, all the while she was wearing whatever but spending her money on skincare. She said that her friends are always commenting on how young she looks and she tells them to stop spending money on things and to start spending their money on themselves and their health. As someone who is a bit crazy about designer handbags, it stuck with me. If I am going to spend over $200 a month on a coach {which by the way is a lot of money to me} then I’m going to make sure that investment is worth it by spending money I might have spend on things I didn’t need and instead spend it on something like InsideTracker. Make sense?

Now to the fun part….the results.

I’m a goal oriented person and I work well with numbers. I try to not let numbers like my weight or a time on a clock define me, but it doesn’t mean that numbers don’t have a place in my life.

There were a couple of things I set out to improve upon.

My Vitamin D was on the low-end.

This shocked me a bit when I had the first test because I spent most of the winter running outside. My doctor said that it didn’t matter how long I spent outside during the winter because we don’t live close enough to the equator to really get the D from the sun during the winter – even on sunny days. I supplemented with a double dose of Vitamin D every day and was told to do this by my doctor till I saw my levels return to a higher level. Now that my levels are in the optimal zone I will back down and only take the RDA for Vitamin D.

Inside Tracker - Vitamin D

According to the hsCRP Test I had some inflammation going on in my body.

When the InsideTracker dietitian suggested that it could be related to food sensitivities or allergies I knew what I needed to do. I needed to stop eating nuts, carrots, green beans, and chocolate – all of which according to my allergist produce a 4+ reaction. For reference wheat did the same and I have seen a vast improvement in my health since completely removing that from my diet. I was really annoyed about removing these items from my diet. I was stubborn and had chocolate once because the cupcake place was out of Gluten Free Vanilla and only had chocolate and I was being a brat and wanted a cupcake. I felt like CRAP after. I also really like nuts, so this one has been a struggle. Once I saw my results though I was really was convinced that what we eat is not a joke. You can’t eat foods that react with you poorly and expect to feel good.

I wrote about cheating on my diet before, and why I don’t cheat because I don’t diet…..while the majority of the post I still stand by….I don’t stand by the part where I said I have to live and that’s why I’m fine with eating foods that bother me every once in a while. I’m not fine with that now. If it messes with me, it’s out. For years I would tell people that my stomach hurt, it didn’t make much sense to others, but it hurt. It rarely hurts now and when it does I rack my brain to figure out what I could have eaten that causing the pain.

My hsCRP Test this time showed that my inflammation has dropped drastically. I’m not a doctor so I can’t “officially” say it was a direct result of my food changes, but I’m 100 percent convinced this is what lowered my level from a 2.4 to a .3

Inside Tracker - Inflammation

My B12 wasn’t in the optimal range, so I started to pay attention to what I was eating/drinking {like protein shakes} that are “fortified” with B12 and cut back. Consequently my B12 levels went down and I believe there is a correlation. I’m going to work on continuing to try to get them down to the optimal level.

InsideTracker - B 12


Next up was cortisol. Cortisol is important in more ways than I can explain. If you are interested in learning the science behind it CLICK HERE. You can work to lower your cortisol levels by working to lower stress. I have been doing just that in a variety of ways. For the sake of brevity I’ll talk about those ways in another post. But for now it looks like what I’m doing is working!!

Have I told you how much I am loving InsideTracker? It’s giving me the ability to take my health in to my own hands.

InsideTracker Cortisol


I decided in April I wanted to make another little change while I got myself on track. I decided that I was going to cut out alcohol till I went to the beach with my family in June. I haven’t had a drink since the night of April 9th. I’m going to give the disclaimer again that I’m not a doctor BUT I don’t think it’s coincidence that my ALT level went down. While there are other variables that could have contributed to this, it does make me think twice about the amount that I drink in one sitting. I am not a heavy drinker by any means but it does make me pause and think about the amount I drink as I continue to age.

My great-grandmother lived to be over 100 years old. Before she passed away she got to meet Chloe.

Let me say that again Chloe got to meet her great-great-grandmother. I know some people don’t think they will live that long or want to live that long, but I want to be on this earth as long as possible. So if that means I need to make changes here and there to increase that likelihood – I’m willing to do that. InsideTracker has opened up my eyes to how health truly can not always be seen on the outside. A thin fit looking person truly may not be healthier than someone larger and softer.

InsideTracker ALT


So now to the NO fun part. I REALLY wanted to see my ferritin levels rise. I knew that it would be a slow process but even going up a couple of numbers would have made me happy. Instead it went down. Insert very sad face. My blood iron went up and my hemoglobin went down.

Jonathan at InsideTracker has been working with me and helping me try to figure this stuff out. Was I taking the iron before I ran? How often was I taking it? What brand was I taking? What was the dosage? How often? Should I split it to three times a day.

After talking with the dietitian we decided that I need to go to a doctor. I’m taking a very large dosage of iron, twice a day. I’m not taking it before I run. I’m not taking it when I have caffeine. I’m taking it with Vitamin C to help the absorption…..there is no reason that we can see why I’m not absorbing this iron. I need to have a doctor look over my information and weigh in. I have theories that maybe it’s food related, maybe I am truly celiac and my small intestine is damaged. I don’t know but what I do know is that I wouldn’t have known this with my once a year blood tests at my doctor. I’ll be contacting my doctor and my allergist in the upcoming weeks. I’m also debating starting a food diary again, though I really find them to be a major pain. That being said, if I want to feel better than I have to put in the work to feel better.


InsideTracker Blood Iron InsideTracker Ferritin InsideTracker Hemoglobin


I still 100 percent don’t know what was causing the dizziness, but I haven’t had any since I last wrote about InsideTracker. Today I did my first real workout that my new coach gave me. I will 100 percent admit I was scared that I was going to get dizzy – I didn’t. 8 miles total – 3 x 1 mile with 2 minute active recovery. I felt on top of the world. Feeling good matters. If you don’t feel good, work to change it.

Each of our bodies are unique, one size all rarely fits us all.

I’m so thankful I stumbled upon InsideTracker on twitter. My only regret is that I didn’t find this service sooner!

Now to the fun part….

If I have convinced you of how awesome a tool InsideTracker is in helping you get a handle on your health and/or improve as an athlete then head over to my instagram and enter to win a FREE High Performance Test in honor of Mother’s Day. You don’t have to be a woman or a mom to enter and win!

If giveaways aren’t your thing OR you don’t want to wait to see if you won. COUPON CODE: MILEPOSTS gets you a discount on the Performance Test. In order to purchase and/or view that test you can find it through this link –

Details: The giveaway is not sponsored by instagram. Chances of winning depends on the amount of verified entries. Winner must follow both @mileposts and @insidetracker on instagram in order to win. Winner will be notified via direct message. Open to US residents only.

Note: I was not paid by InsideTracker for this post. All thoughts and opinions are authentic and mine. 


  1. Robin Halper says:

    WOW! This such detailed, interesting information! I’m saving this post to come back to later because we are packing up to leave for a race this weekend. Going to run my favorite half marathon – Door County Half Marathon in Wisconsin:-) VERY excited and hoping for a PR this year!

  2. JennyV says:

    I would love to win this! Knowing your baseline is so important for determining what’s on track or where you may need to supplement. Glad you’re investing in your health!!

  3. I would love to test this out!

  4. fascinating! (wish there was a way for non-instagram-users to enter)

  5. Really informative.Thanks for sharing it and i’ll also follow it from it i get know what is good for my health

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