I’m on vacation now with my little family in Corolla, North Carolina. This is our 6th year coming and staying at a house in the Corolla Light Community. It’s something that all 5 of us literally look forward to all year and a vacation I’m not sure I will ever get sick of.


We arrived on Saturday and will leave this coming Saturday.


I’d normally be sad already that the week is almost over but I have a fun trip coming up that I am BEYOND excited about. Brooks is sending their Run Happy Ambassadors to the Olympic Trials for a couple of days. It’s pretty much self-explanatory why I’m excited about the trip!! I’ve accepted that I’m not the type of blogger that can blog daily, even though I tell myself every week I want to sit down just for a bit each day and dump my thoughts {I happen to really love writing}. I am however an over poster on instagram and will be posting photos on my account so follow me over there if you want to follow our adventures with the Brooks crew.

Our dogs joined us this year because we didn’t have anyone to watch them. I was worried it was going to be a disaster but after a couple of hours in the car they calmed down and realized we weren’t leaving them. It’s been fun taking them on walks and they seem to be enjoying themselves as much as my little people!



The beach is calling my name….I’ll be back tomorrow sharing an interview with one of the Brooks Beasts Garrett Heath!



  1. LOVE that swimsuit– so cute!!! Enjoy vacation :)

  2. Lovely vacation and photographs you had!

  3. Hey! We will be there too. Wanna team up for a post or something?

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