If you have been patiently waiting for the updated Garmin I Run This Body watch face for your Garmin – it’s here!! The face has been updated to include even more devices such as the fēnix® 3 HR!! I’m crazy humbled that over 4,600 of you have downloaded it. It means so much to me that this mantra me as much to you as it does to me! Link to download HERE

I Run This Body Garmin Watch Face Update @mileposts


I shared this last week on my instagram page {not following me over there?!?! Why not!! ;)} and wanted to share it here for those of you who aren’t on instagram!

The quote that inspired @irunthisbody ? I memorized this quote when I trained for my first marathon in 2003. It got me through every single long run I didn’t think I could do. I would remind myself that I could in fact dance all night, so that meant I was capable of moving all day. There are different versions of his quote and I’m not sure what his exact words were but maybe he said it more than once to motivate those serving under him. Either way I love it and it’s inspired me more than any other quote over the past 13 years. It also reminds me that words are powerful, you never know who might be helped {or hurt} by yours, so choose them wisely. ❤ #runningthoughts #dreambigrunlong #irunthisbody

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This is the quote that many moons ago inspired the I Run This Body mantra. I memorized this quote when I trained for my first marathon and would repeat it back to myself during long runs for motivation. At the end of runs my mind tends to turn to mush, so many of the quotes would get shorter and shorter until I was just repeating a few words from them.

If you are training for a race I can’t stress enough the importance of having a personal tool box of motivation.

That motivation box is going to look different for different people. Finding what motivates you is going to help you in the long run {pun intended}. It’s helpful to know ahead of time what keeps you going when you feel like you have nothing left.

I’ve had friends tell me that they pick a certain person for each mile of their race and think about what they love or are thankful for about that person as they run. When I ran Chicago Marathon in 2004 I memorized quotes for every mile and used those to help me dig deep when it wasn’t my day and I wanted the race to be over. My mom gifted me a necklace forever ago that was a little suitcase – it was to remind me to bring my suitcase of courage to every race. I still have the necklace and though I don’t wear it to every race I do always remind myself that the first thing to pack is always my suitcase of courage. When I’m tired I remind myself that I can dig in to that suitcase whenever I need it and it helps me find strength when I think I have none!

What helps you keep going when the miles get tough during training or in a race?!



  1. I just run a half marathon last Sunday and during mile 10-13.1 I thought about my family… they were waiting for me at the finish line. my daughter is just 4 so I really want to model to her how one can achieve the goal with hard work.

  2. I really love this post, it’s such a good mantra to have in mind. Sadly I’m not in much control over my body at the moment as I’m injured, but I’ll perservere! One of my favourite mantras, that I used in my most recent half marathon was “It’s supposed to hurt” -ie. you’re supposed to suffer a little bit (but not to the extent of damaging yourself!)

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