Happy Friday friends!!!

I’m sure you are all excited today marked the start of the Track & Field events at the Rio Olympics!! Saucony athlete, Molly Huddle kicked some you-know-what already!!

Olympian Cynthia Meyer @mileposts

Speaking of Olympics my aunt Cynthia competed this past weekend in her 4th {yes 4th!!!} Olympics. In her round the top 6 advanced – she tied for 6th….which led to a shoot out {trap shooting is her event} to determine which individual advanced. VERY stressful and super exciting at the same time!

My aunt ended up missing it and the other woman, who eventually won gold advanced.

7th in the world is AMAZING is my book and honestly I think it’s pretty freaking awesome if you are going to have to participate in a shoot out with someone for it to be the eventual gold medal winner.

I tried to explain to Chloe that auntie Cyn had finished 7th in the world and her little brain couldn’t wrap itself around what it meant to be that good in the ENTIRE world. It turned in to a really great life lesson about working towards your goals and dreams. In some sports I think you can argue that there is a bit of natural talent that has to be there in order to be at the top of your game, but for many sports I think it simply boils down to hard work and drive.

My aunt rocks, really she does. We already think she is made of gold. We don’t need a medal to tell us that, so that’s that….and who knows maybe she will be back in 4 years 😉

Olympian Cynthia Meyer @mileposts

Oh and did I mention that she is the mother of my kick butt cookie selling cousin Olivia?! You can check her out HERE

Should you ever need some Girl Scout Cookies I know two girls who can help you out {hint hint}!! Chloe’s trying to keep up with her cousin who she thinks is the coolest and I would have to agree. Let me tell you selling GS cookies is no joke – I had no clue how much work it was till Chloe joined Girl Scouts this year. It truly teaches the girls about running a little business so while some may have their complaints about it, it seems to me to be nothing but a positive thing in the lives of young girls.

So what this post boils down to is that I’m basically trying to keep up with everyone else in my family….I say that in all seriousness. I’m lucky to have really great examples in life of what you can achieve if you work your butt off.

On to what’s on my mind today….

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What is your favorite event at the Olympics?


  1. Danielle @ Wild Coast Tales says:

    Wow amazing! Congrats to your aunt! My cousin is on the Canadian Women’s soccer team and this will be her 3rd Olympics… it is insane to wrap your head around… relatives being some of the best in the world.

  2. christyruns says:

    Awesome job to your aunt! I have shot trap a couple times, but mostly have shot skeet, which is very similar, my dad is a world champion skeet shooter.

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  4. That’s amazing!!!! Did your cousin walk in the opening ceremony?! xo

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