I post a lot of selfies on my instagram page.

Not because I like looking at my face all the time, seriously I don’t – there isn’t even one solo selfie on my personal instagram page, but because those posts get the most likes.

Hear me out…..

I’m always dumfounded when I post a picture of something in nature that I think is lovely and it gets less than half of a silly selfie of me post run.

I discussed this with a friend once and he said, that’s what they want from you. They follow your instagram page for running stuff. They follow other accounts if they want to see cool nature pictures daily. They like seeing you happy after a 15 miler, that’s motivating to them.

Likes are something many of us think about whether we LIKE it or not.

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It’s easy to fall in to the comparison trap with likes. It’s also easy to post things that help grow your social media accounts {yes – I LOVE the social aspect of social media, but it also happens to be how I make a living}.

When I stumbled across this post today on Washingtonian a HUGE smile came across my face. I had submitted a photo to this hashtag challenge and had no idea one of my pictures was chosen.

It is not a selfie and for that I love it.



At the end of 2015 I told myself I had to stop getting caught up in the business side of things, the side of me that began to see followers as numbers, instead of people/friends, or that found my self worth in numbers. I decided to go back to where I was at the beginning of this blog and my fitness journey and only post things for me. So if I like a flock of birds and it’s not an “optimal” time to be posting on instagram, I’m not going to care, because I will not be ruled by the almighty like. I’m going to post the birds even though they have nothing to do with running, because guess what – they make me happy.

I’ve come to realize that in sharing my journey, I started to change. While some changes have been awesome, hello please do not go back and read the immature, crazy posts I wrote when I started blogging, but some of it was not so good – as in – I’m not sharing myself and being raw and vulnerable because I’m afraid of what people will think or how I will be judged.

There are going to be people who love me, people who like me, people who sometimes love me but also sometimes I make them crazy. There are going to be people who don’t like me and some people who flat hate me even though I haven’t met them. All that is OK. It’s okay for people to love me or also to hate me because I am not putting my self worth or happiness in the hands of others.

I’ll still be posting selfies, because well just because, but I won’t be attaching any self worth to the amount of likes they get.

I will also be posting more birds, because I like birds, and butterflies – trees – nature – sunrises and sunsets – drawing – books – foodfriends – and the list WILL GO ON. It’s cool if you like it but it’s also cool if you don’t. :)Sunrise 1-31-16

Run Happy my friends

xo Dorothy


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