Last night I hung my wings.Happiness 2

A couple of years back I was asked to be a part of the Saucony Find Your Strong project. When I went to NYC to film, I had no idea, that what I thought was going to be a short film {}, was going to turn in to something more. For my entire birth month that year it felt like I would wake up each day to something surreal.

Find your strong became a very personal mantra to me. It has in many ways transformed me.

Towards the end of the year last year, as I started to come out of what felt like a foggy period, I woke up and texted a friend.

I don’t need to find my strong. I already AM strong.

This friend knows me well so she immediately GOT what I was trying to say. YES! She said, yes, you already ARE strong.


I 100 percent believe in the power of the mind over your body BUT more than that, your mind is everything. It determines how you feel about yourself and what you think about yourself determines how you act.

Mantras and affirmations can be powerful tools in changing the way you think. How you speak to yourself internally matters.

There is a difference between #IHaveARunnersBody and I’m never going to look like a runner – I’m too big, too fat, too short, too stocky, too weak. too {insert your personal struggle word}.

There is a difference between #FindYourStrong and I am strong.

There is a difference between #IRunThisBody and my life just happens to me – I have no control over anything


Once I realized that I was already strong, life stopped feeling like a battle. If I had to find my strong, all I had to do was look inside me to pull out what was already there. I didn’t need to go looking for that strength. Further while running often helps me pull that strength from inside – if I never ran another day in my life – I am STILL strong.

It’s that fundamental shift in how I look at everything that has made 2016 one of the most fulfilling years of my life {and it’s only April 11th!}.

Today make time to write out a few personal truths. Refer back to these truths when the doubt demons are attacking you.

Here are some of mine as examples:

I am strong.

I am beautiful on the inside.

I feel joy, even on days that are less than joyful.

I am a child of God, therefore I am loved.

I run happy, thankful for every mile.

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I hung my wings last night to remind me, that I already know how to fly. I no longer am a fledgling that hops around near the nest. Hoping up for a moment but always returning back to the ground quickly. I can fly far from the nest and still feel secure and loved because my personal truths tell me that I no longer need to find my strong from somewhere else. I AM strong. I am strong with and without running. Running brings out the best in me, but it’s not all of me.

Running brings out the best in me, but it's not all of me


  1. I love how your posts always apply to me – – a walker. Walking, resistance training, being a mother – – none of it is all of me. <3

  2. love your blog posts one of my favorite items to read on FB!

  3. Oh my goodness…it’s like you just finished the conversation I was having with my husband yesterday about my running and how I was feeling about it! I said something like “whether I run today or not, I am STILL a runner, I’m still that strong person who has run marathons and done things she never dreamed possible…” And today, I was giving myself permission to not run and be okay with that. Running these last five years has been so incredibly rewarding (& hard!) and I’ll be a runner the rest of my life, but I feel like I can totally relate to your post today! Thank you for sharing so honestly, as always. This is what I shared with my “followers” today:
    Be blessed!

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Your post really relates to me so much. I’m finding your posts lately speaking to me more and more.

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