What feels like a bazillion years ago {9 to be exact} THIS GUY asked me to marry him on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

April 20, 2007 042

I like hearing how people met so I’ll share my story.

I have the treadmills at Gold’s Gym to thank for our marriage. That my friends, is why I don’t hate on the treadmill. You never know, it may just change your life! 😉

When I graduated from college and wasn’t sure what I wanted to do or where I wanted to work – I headed straight to a temp agency. It seemed like a win, make money, try different jobs, hopefully find something I liked. I had a degree in Political Science and though I loved politics decided that I didn’t want to spend my life in a job where debating and taking sides is as common place as saying your name. I didn’t want to be a lawyer despite dreaming about being one since I was 10. You grow up and who you thought you were might not really be who you are.

A temp job at Cox Communications, led to a permanent job at Cox Media, where I worked on cable advertising. I met some cool people, worked with fun women, and learned that I enjoyed marketing and advertising. One of the job perks was getting a discount at the local Gold’s Gym.

After work you could find me on the treadmill….running and running and running….

If you have ever been to a Gold’s Gym you know that it’s a place where many people go to workout and even more people go to meet other people. I was not one of those people who wanted to meet anyone else. I wanted to run on the treadmill and be left alone. As someone who was diagnosed with social anxiety in college, the last thing I wanted to do was to make eye contact with anyone, or engage in a conversation that was anything more than just hi and a head nod. I would put on my headphones and make a bee line for the treadmill.

Eric came up to me one day on the treadmill and said something about how I looked like a runner {bless his heart} and that he was interested in training for a race, and did I have any advice or could I help him.

I gave him some websites he should visit, one of which was THIS ONE, and popped my headphones back in my ears.

This happened a couple of more times where he would interrupt my running errr I mean ask me “running questions.”

I was sure that he was hitting on me and I had no time for that. I needed to run.

Much to my surprise one day he came up to me and told me he had visited the websites and that he was thinking about running X race and what did I think about it? Had I run it before?

Wow I thought to myself – I read this guy all wrong – he isn’t hitting on me, he really wants help with running.

From there on out I was friendlier 😉

As fate or whatever you want to call it, would have it, we kept bumping in to each other.

I got a new job with Brooks Running and had to visit local running shoe stores as part of the gig. One day while visiting one of my accounts at the mall, I ran into him on his lunch break.

Another night we were at the same bar in Reston. I was there with girlfriends when a guy said hey why don’t you meet my friend? I turned around to roll my eyes at this guy and as it turns out, his friend was Eric. Eric didn’t realize it was me because my back was too him. Got to love guys in bars, right?

Because we were both thrown off guard we had a bit of an awkward conversation but he did ask me for my phone number and asked if we could go out sometime.

After he got my phone number he left the bar. I thought it was strange at the time to ask a girl for her phone number and then disappear when all your friends are still there, but who knows with guys in their early 20’s.

As it turns out – he felt lucky because he got my number – so he got in his car and went to Atlantic City to gamble. I still have not stopped laughing about this.

We eventually went on a date, and another and another and then I convinced him to run a 10 mile race with me. After all, I thought he had been training based on all his running questions. We ran the 10 mile race, he nearly died. I was that annoying girl, who had bounds of energy and kept telling him he could do it. He was that guy that kept saying please you can go on ahead, I’ll meet you at the finish. This is how we run together now too….together for a moment before he says PLEASE go run alone, I’ll see you at the end. I had no idea at the time that it was in fact the first time he had ever run 10 miles. If I am remembering correctly it also may have been the first time he had even run more than 5 miles!

Fast forward to April 20th a couple of years later……

White House


We headed to lunch at a local shopping area in my hometown called Reston Town Center. While pulling in I declared I HATE RESTON TOWN CENTER. There was too much traffic, it was lunch time so it was busy, parking was a mess, and I was hungry. For the record I don’t in fact hate it at all, I love it. In hindsight I was super dramatic in my 20s.

That’s when he had to change his proposal plans.

He had planned to propose at the water fountain where we sat on our first date BUT couldn’t very well ask me to marry him at a place I said I hated. We headed to DC.

He proposed on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial instead and I can’t say I’m upset I told him I hated Reston Town Center that day.

When we started dating we sat on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on one date, chatted for forever and got to know each other. It was special for that reason, but it’s also extremely special because of the rich history behind that memorial, and because of all that has happened on those steps.

After he proposed we pretended to be tourists.

I hold that day as one of my favorite life memories.


April 20, 2007 020


My son Miles is named Miles Lincoln after where Eric proposed and how we met :)

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How did you meet your significant other? Has running introduced you to new friends you would not have otherwise met?


  1. OMG that is such a cool story!! I’ll be two years with my partner in June and I think I’ll share our story as well. You guys look perfect together!! I wish you all the best!

  2. What a great story. I actually met my guy on an online dating site although we determined that just 6 days before we connected online we were both towing the line of the same running event (The NJ Marathon/Half Marathon). That first message from him arrived in my inbox on his birthday May 3rd. So it’s always easy to remember. We’ll be celebrating 2 years in just a couple of weeks. Happy Engageaversary!

  3. What an amazing story!! Thanks for sharing

  4. Cute story! Bf and I met online. He hates to run but he will still run with me and comes to all my races with love letter for me to read at the end. Gold Gym for life!

  5. <3 I love this story! Thank you for sharing.

  6. Amazing love story…. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes says:

    Love this story!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  8. I LOVE this story! My husband and I met when I was 16 years old at my first job. He was technically one of my bosses, and I dated several other people before he finally asked me out. But we were friends right from the beginning. My proposal story isn’t as cute but was definitely the most romantic thing he has ever done for me. However, we did spend part of our wedding taking pictures at the frozen custard stand where we met (and how I got my blog name). We also have a Miles because we are both runners!

  9. Love this :) Happy engagement anniversary! xo

  10. christyruns says:

    I love it! Such a fun story! I met my husband in a bar. I walked in and told my friend “I want that one” and pointed to my now husband. We talked and flirted some but I discovered he had a girlfriend so I left it at that. the next week at work I told another friend “this sounds crazy but I met the man I am going to marry and he has a girlfriend” three months later I ran into him again and he no longer had a girlfriend. He asked me on a date and 9 months later we were married. We have been married for 10 years now :)

  11. This is the cutest . . . thanks for sharing such a meaningful story! So glad you’ve been blogging more too. :)

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