In life most things can be looked at – as the glass half full – glass half empty OR that there is anything in your glass to begin with that you have the LUXURY of that decision.

When I started looking at things in the 3rd way I started feeling more grateful and started complaining less. {I use this method when cleaning my house – I can complain I have so much to clean or I can be thankful that I live in a nice house where I can complain about how much there is to clean – focusing on the fact that I have a house makes it much easier to shutup and clean up}

When I first qualified for Boston, there wasn’t a question in anyone’s mind if you could run it. You qualified and then whenever you decided you wanted to give the BAA your money you signed up. You paid, you waited for them to check your qualifying race and then you got notification that you were in. There was none of this how far under my qualifying time do I need to actually RUN Boston Marathon and not just qualify. On many levels the Boston dream for many is now a frustrating process.

One can be annoyed that there are so many people who want to run Boston – that it now appears to be TRENDY to say you are going after the Boston goal OR we can celebrate the fact that running is gaining popularity in this country {and others} and doesn’t appear to be slowing down. We can be mad that it’s harder than ever to get in or we can celebrate it’s harder than ever!

When you walk in to Target adult coloring books are everywhere. The dollar section, the book section, on end-caps. One could say that coloring as an adult is now trendy.

One could think ugh, why is everyone jumping on this coloring bandwagon or we could say HEY isn’t this awesome that so many people are jumping on this trend because coloring is soothing and maybe if more people are calmer and feel less depressed for whatever reason – maybe they will be better citizens of this world {me included}.

When I pulled up google this morning the google doodle is a man doing yoga.Google Doodle

That man is BKS Iyengar.


I’m in the middle of one of his books now – a book I discovered through a recommendation in another yoga book written by a yogi I follow on instagram.

crow trail

In September I started doing yoga on a weekly basis. Maybe instagram and the trendiness of it pushed me to have the courage to believe that I too could do it and that I wasn’t “just a runner.” Running felt like the only sporty thing I was good at.

Whatever pushed me to believe that I too could do it I’m fine with. Whether it was me jumping on a bandwagon or following a trend, or just being at a point in my life that I was receptive to it.

I’m starting to believe that things becoming trendy, when they are health, fitness and wellness related – isn’t always a bad thing.

My random Monday thoughts {now off to go do a little yoga} xoxo Dorothy

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