This past Sunday Miles turned 8. 8 is great. 8 is great.


I’ve listened as countless parents told me your children grow in the blink of an eye. I’ve listened to mothers bemoan how their children are all now in college and how time moved too fast.

When you are in the trenches of motherhood and getting no sleep it seems as if these women have lost their minds. Yet now I find myself saying the same things. I look at mothers with little kids, stressed out and trying to do it all and I want to grab them, hug them, tell them it will be okay, and whisper in their ear – it goes in the blink of an eye.

I get teary eyed just thinking about it2

Shortly before Chloe’s first birthday I found out I was expecting. It was a very large surprise. Not as surprising as the day I realized I might be pregnant with my first, but a surprise and a bit of a shock nonetheless. While neither of them decided to come in to my life on my timing, they both truly came at the perfect time.

After Chloe was born there was nothing I wanted more than to be home with her. Dropping her off every morning left me in tears and tugged at my heart-strings. My mother had stayed home with me and my siblings till I was in high school and I wanted the same opportunity. Financially though I needed to work. That all changed when we found out baby #2  was on the way.

April 08 053

After some number crunching, some inventive ways of making money at home, and major cutbacks we were able to make it work to where I didn’t have to return to work outside of the home. The desire to be home with my children keeps me motivated and helps me get out of bed when my alarm goes off at 4 something to get up and work.

Four Generations

8 years. 8 years Miles has been in my life. He tests my patience on a near daily basis because as Eric says he is the child that personality wise is most like me BUT he is simply the best.


I once wondered how my mother could tell me I was her favorite person on earth, when she had three other children. I remember one time feeling hurt when I heard her tell my sister she was her favorite person on earth. It’s only now as a mother that I get it. I have three people who are indeed my absolute favorite. When I whisper in their little ears YOU are my favorite person on earth I mean it. It makes complete sense and no sense at all. 318

I pray that though the days sometimes feel long and tiresome, that I won’t wish any moment of his life away. I know in no time flat I’m going to be that woman tearfully saying all my babies are grown and in college.


Saturday he had his “buddies” over to help him celebrate and what a wonderful celebration it was. Being Miles mom is the greatest.



  1. Happy Birthday to Miles! My son is 7 right now, and time is FLYING ! I sometimes tell myself that I miss my baby, only to look next to me and see my little boy!

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