They say time flies when you are having fun……so my life must be a blast 😉

Happy 6th Birthday Colton @mileposts

This blog started as a place for me to talk about running without annoying all the non-runners in my life. Over the years it’s morphed in to a lot more than that. One of the things I’m grateful for is that even though it’s a RUNNING blog, I have from time to time chatted about my little people.

Happy 6th Birthday Colton @mileposts

Colton turned 6 yesterday and I’ve been enjoying going back and looking at old posts I wrote that had photos of him. I love reading my words and remembering how I felt when he was born.

We have both come a looooooooong way.

{and hopefully so has my writing ahem ahem – holy cow I need to delete some of that old stuff – so many run on sentences – so many misspellings baha}


Here’s Here!

I Wanted To Be That Runner

Day 14 – I can not believe I went for a run outside at 11 days postpartum. If I could do one thing all over again with my pregnancies and running I would most certainly not have started back as early as I did.

6 Months Ago Today

Happy 9 Month Birthday Baby C


Every day is seriously an adventure with this kid, he never ceases to make me laugh with his adult humor and is always the first person to give me a big hug every day. Feeling extra thankful for all three of my little people today.


I’ll be taking over the instagram account this weekend!!! If you want to follow along as I run the RNR Vegas 5K and Half Marathon then join me over there so I’m not talking to myself!! 😉

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