On schedule for yesterday was a fartlek run. 5 times 2 minutes on 1 minute off.

Doing speed workouts on the roads has become much easier thanks to my Garmin. Once upon a time I used a stop watch and would have to look down repeatedly during each repeat and then hit lap when the repeat was finished. I was always over the allotted time and I always ended up going over on the recovery as well because REALLY it’s been 1 minute already? Two minutes can feel like an eternity when pushing yourself and when putzing, running 1 minute can feel like ten seconds. It’s the nature of speed work.

Now I plug-in the workout into my Garmin in the intervals section and away I go. The only thing I haven’t yet figured out is how to get it to beep each mile on the warmup. The beep motivates me and keeps me going. A 6 mile warmup with no beep feels like an eternity. It also means I have no clue what pace I’m running and I’m running completely on feel – which isn’t a bad thing BUT I like the beep.

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During the intervals I don’t know what pace I’m running. I run them on feel as well. I run as fast as I think I can go, knowing how many I have left and knowing that at the end of the workout I want to feel like I could have finished one more repeat. There is also that pesky cool down as well. So I factor all that in to my head and away I go. I believe as a coach that learning to run on feel is one of the best things you can do for yourself in learning how to pace for races.

When I am running a race, I don’t look down at what pace I’m running according to my Garmin. I don’t know how that pace is calculated but what I do know is that my best pace during speed work miles is often in the mid 5’s but I don’t and can’t run in the mid 5’s – I run somewhere in the 6’s. I do know that I am what I consider a surge runner – I am fairly good at even pacing for miles, but within the mile I’m all over the place. Pushing when I feel good, backing off when I know I’m pushing too hard. If I was constantly looking down at my watch to see my pace I would be pushing and not pushing not when my body was telling me to, but when the watch was telling me too. It’s one of the reasons I don’t like scheduled walk breaks for runners I coach who like to run/walk –  a story for another day.

Averages for the 2 min on and 1 min off were:






I’m becoming a data geek with my garmin. There are always new things one can learn about running. Right now I’m really interested in cadence and stride length. I love seeing the little purple dots on my speed days.

That one little slice of white on the run is where I stopped to pee for about 40 seconds. My garmin gives me overall time elapsed + time spent running, so I don’t feel bad stopping my watch. I can still see what the overall time was that it took me to finish the run, which I believe is extremely important to know when judging how long it takes you to complete long runs of 20 miles etc.


My speed workouts are nothing crazy right now. I am not a 3:11 marathoner right now. I have to work with where I am fitness wise and mileage wise and accept my limitations as I attempt to push past them again. I think often times it’s easier for us to think we want to improve upon a PR but when that PR was years ago, maybe it’s not the best indication of what we can currently run. I plan on finding a race soon, doing a short taper and seeing where I am fitness wise right now. The races I ran this fall for one reason or another aren’t really a good indication of what I believe I can do. That being said, I know based on different workouts I’ve progressed a little since September and even if I don’t run a race, that is helping me stay motivated.

On my run yesterday my stomach was NOT cooperating. I typically don’t eat breakfast before runs, but I’ve noticed that I almost feel sick when doing speed if my stomach has nothing in it but coffee. I wake up before 7 am and am not able to go for a run till around 9:40ish, that’s a long time to feel hungry and then go run. By the time I am finished most days it’s almost 11 am or after and I’m crazy hungry. That was the long way of saying I ate breakfast yesterday and though I didn’t feel “sick” on the run, my stomach DID NOT feel good.

I decided somewhere in the 5th mile I could either give up and just run an even pace home all because I was worried about how “slow” I would be on the speed part OR I could just shut up and put forth the effort and know that effort, no matter what the pace is > than giving up.

#giveuporshutup is my new mantra for this training cycle

I can whine all the live long day about what’s not right with my body right now or I can shutup accept that I am different {we all are} and just do what I can right now.

Comparison is the thief of joy. Now that I have my joy back in running I’m not going to let comparison steal it.


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xoxo Dorothy


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