I happen to LOVE a lot of things….

I also happen to like to ramble as well as share what I like/love. I’m sure my friends are thankful I have a blog now, before 2009 they got a lot of emails. Hey did you see this? Oh this is cool, thought you may like it. Now my ramblings are mostly reserved for this blog :)

Once upon a time I started a coupon blog, before I started Mile Posts. I probably should have stuck with that – ha!

I’m jumping on the Friday Favorites bandwagon and will be bringing you weekly updates of what I’m in to at the moment. I know, I know – how exciting 😉 I’ll include a side of running and life ramblings because running and life are my two favorite things to analyze and talk about.

I had intended to run long yesterday but wasn’t really feeling 2 1/2 hours in the rain. I ended up running 10 miles so I probably should have just sucked it up and ran long. I won’t be able to today because all three of my kids have holiday parties BUT I ran {see what I did there} it by hubs and the kids and I’m going to run long tomorrow morning. After 30 marathons, most of which my husband has been around for, I try to take away as little time from the family as possible with my running.

Back to the 10 miles. Goal was easy pace and steady effort. I sped up at the end, or it appears I did anyways. This is precisely why I think having a Garmin is a valuable training too. Knowing your elevation gain and loss on a run as well as seeing how your pace relates to said elevation can really help you learn to dial in on paces for race day.

Pace details here: https://www.instagram.com/p/_ZjrrOIpZe/?taken-by=mileposts

I always naturally pick up the pace in the last mile {unless it’s speedwork}, it’s a habit I got in to because I wanted to be able to kick it in the last .5 miles of a marathon even if I felt like I was dying. The habit stuck and now I don’t even think about it. However I didn’t pick up the pace as much on the last mile as one would think based on the elevation chart – it’s easier when there is a slight elevation drop.



Now on to some favorites…

Turmeric is all the rage now and for good reason. It’s anti-inflammation properties make it an excellent option for runners.

10 Proven Health Benefits of Turmeric and Curcumin

Now that I’m back training for a marathon {ahhh did I just admit that} I feel hungry all the time {some like that feeling, I find it annoying}.

I use the Gaia Turmeric Blend but also enjoy Temple Turmeric drinks!


Having one of the Temple Turmeric Super Lights helps hold me over till it’s time for my next meal! Next on my list to try is one of their Super Blends. They are basically a meal in a bottle. I know they, whoever they is, says that rule one about weight loss is to not drink your calories because it doesn’t leave you as full as say eating a real meal with the same amount of calories would. I would have to disagree a little. I think it depends on the person. I like replacing a meal or a large snack with a liquid. It’s easier on my stomach and helps me keep my calories in check for the day, which is something I struggle with when the marathon runger takes over.


sidenote: Birkenstocks all day – every day, even in winter.

I got Think Jerky in the mail over the weekend. AMAZING. I happen to love jerky {apologizing in advance to any vegetarians out there}.

I think it’s a quick and easy way to get a ton of protein and I am of the belief that most people do not have enough protein in their life. If you get bored, look up how much protein you “need” a day and then guesstimate how much you are getting. I was astounded when I first did this. The more protein I eat the less I feel crazy carb cravings at night. The flavors were unique and the Thanksgiving flavor was like nothing I had tasted before.

My favorite part is that each package is 1 serving, 100 calories and both the Ginger Orange and Sweet Chipotle only had 4 grams of sugar. If you have jerky often you probably have noticed that the sugar content on some brands is through the roof – GROSS.

You can find them on twitter here: https://twitter.com/think_jerky


I’ve been wanting mirrors in our basement for forever {for selfie purposes – duh – I kid, I kid}. Eric surprised me the other day with one {Home Depot only had one in stock at the time}. I’m way too excited over this new addition to my slowly evolving workout area. Also hoping Home Depot gets more in ASAP so we can finish the wall-o-mirrors before the end of the year.

Strength is much easier and more effective in my opinion, when you can look in the mirror and check your form. There is a reason gyms have mirrors everywhere – it’s not for vanity reasons.

I literally was able to immediately do 3 more dips than normal on my Lebert Equalizer Bars. Form was correct and I was able to push through the pain just a bit more than normal because I could see what my muscles were doing. This is a big deal coming from a girl who up until earlier this year had what I would consider zero upper body strength.

New I Run This Body tanks are in stock in Boston Blue/Yellow. I won’t be adding any more stock before the end of the year for those of you who have asked, but will be adding some fun new things in 2016.

Happy Friday my friends! xoxo Dorothy 

*This isn’t a sponsored post, no brands that appear in this post paid me to write about them. I am a Garmin Ambassador. 


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