After literally 13+ years of talking about it, I finally bought a road bike!!


I’d say that I wish I had bought one sooner, I don’t {even though I’m completely in love after only 3 rides}. I wasn’t ready before but I am now.

I’ve been walking my kids to school every morning. A decision that was hands down the best decision I made in the month of September {more on this later}. On Friday I walked home from my local coffee shop a different way than I normally do and bumped in to my friend Steve who owns Transition Triathlon.

Steve was waiting for friends who were meeting up with him so they could all drive together to Augusta 70.3.

He asked what I was training for, what my fall goals were, yada yada yada. The typical stuff you talk about when you run in to a running friend.

I mostly lamented that I just wasn’t feeling my current fitness. I wasn’t motivated in certain areas like I once was and that I had accepted that I may never have those goals again. Steve was quick to say – yeah right – your best years are not behind you. Look at your mom he said, she ran her best times well after her 40s…..I gave what feels like a canned speech about how I’m really over “time goals” and just want to be fit and healthy. Which is true but at the same time I believe I am at my core a competitor. I’d be 100 percent lying if I said I didn’t in some way miss competing and improving at something.

He told me I needed to just buy a bike already.

yeah yeah. It’s the cost, and I don’t know….I’m good at running….that’s it. one foot in front of the other. 

I don’t know why I do that to myself. Well maybe I do. I try to convince myself I am enough on a daily basis, but there are many days that I just feel like I suck at this thing called life. I’m a crappy mom, a crappy friend, a crappy wife, a crappy writer, a crappy runner. The list goes on. The reality is I know I’m not but that doesn’t stop me from feeling those thoughts.

He told me he had the perfect bike for me – something that I would enjoy riding.

I said I’d consider it and to text me when he got back in town. I think on some level Steve knows my BS and said Alex is in the store today and she can help you. No need to wait till I get back. If I had waited it would have been who knows how long before I would have even entertained spending that much money again.

So I just did it.

I walked in – gave Alex a huge hug and said TODAY I’M BUYING A BIKE. A couple of hours later I was the proud owner of #zippy

My latest post for Women’s Running talks about why I FINALLY made this decision. You can check out the post HERE

My first ride was 6 miles, the second was 20 and today I rode 12. Suffice it to say this may have been one of my best decisions of 2016.




  1. Are you riding with clipless pedals? I want a novice buddy to ride my bike too! Let’s connect!

  2. i love the bike riding in fit.

  3. Welcome to the club! I am a runner but have transitioned to triathlon recently and love every minute. I hope you enjoy the challenge and excitement ahead :)

  4. I just want to congratulate you on your first triathlon. There are ups and downs for a beginner like you but you did it and that’s what really matters. I am inspired with your story here and hopefully, when I finished my proper training, I can be able to join one too.

  5. bigkevmatthews says:

    I get the bike out over here in sunny Perth in summer when it’s too hot to run in the afternoon. I run early morning, say 5am, and then cycle to work. After work take the long way home. This way I get 4-5 hours of extra cardio exercise. Make sure you keep a high cadence though and stay out of those top gears. Remember you’re a runner first and a cyclist second.

  6. I bought my bike last year and I had a blast! Great to see new bikers :)


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