Last Friday I spend a good part of the day filming with Voice Of America.


The TV show they were filming for is about women expanding upon their traditional roles as caretakers of their children and their husband and adding fitness/running to their lives. I am all for anything that promotes women’s running and health, so it was a natural fit!

I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect when it was time to film, but it ended up being very similar to what I had done before Rock N Roll DC with ESPN Run just on a smaller scale. My kids and husband got to be a part of the filming, which was fun for everyone except Colton, who having been filmed for the ESPN Run thing refused to participate. They wanted my real life, so they got my real life, with my very stubborn but loving third child.


When all the footage is put together it will air on TV in Pakistan! Yes Pakistan.

Women, especially women who are mothers, shouldn’t feel guilty for wanting to put their health and fitness on their list of priorities. Being an active mom, makes me a better mom AND while I don’t believe you can ever really achieve this magical place called balance, I think you can learn to juggle it all. Some days that’s easy, some days it’s not BUT for me all the many roles I have in my life come together to form a fulfilling life. I wouldn’t want my life any other way.


Making room in your life for for running, is similar to what is like to be a mother of more than one child. You don’t suddenly become less of a mother because you have two children, your heart and your life expand for that growing role. Same thing with running, if you want it in your life YOUR life can expand to fit it.

My voice will be dubbed over in Urdu before it airs, but I’m hoping that I can get a copy of it in English to share.133

One of the questions Nadeem asked me during the interview portion of the filming was what are some of the first things someone should do if they want to get in to running. I suggested that books are a great place to start {I’m a fan of real books where you can turn the page, take notes and highlight with a pen!}. If you aren’t the book reading type the internet has a plethora of information, you just want to make sure you are getting yours from a credible source.


In the above picture Nadeem is talking about my favorite Brooks Running shoes. I understood exactly zero words of what he said 😉 but it sounded interesting.

I suggested that heading to a specialty running store to get fit for running shoes should also be top on your list of things to do. Only after I suggested this I realized that I take for granted that I have more specialty running stores near me than I can even count. I’m guessing in rural Pakistan they don’t have a plethora of specialty running stores.Brooks Running Picture

In hindsight I should have suggested a shoe finder like the one on Brooks Running’s site. I recently went through their shoe finder to see what it would suggest to me AND it ended up suggesting to me the shoe are already run in – the Launch!

Filming is funny – you have to completely forget there is a camera there AND now that I’ve done this a handful of times, it’s easy for me to forget and not focus on it. When I reflect later on what I said I’m very aware that a camera caught me + all my fumbling included on tape. Crossing my fingers nothing silly ends up on the show – ha!


We ended the filming with running out on my favorite trail – the W & OD. I tried to con Chloe in to running with me, but she was happy to just watch me and giggle at me behind the scenes.

I rocked an I Run This Body sweatshirt on the run. I’m excited that a mantra that means so much to me is going to be seen half way around the world!


p.s. I promised to share with you what my doctor thinks is making me dizzy, I haven’t shared yet because in one short week I have noticed some other positive changes and I want to make sure that before I put it out there that I know what I’m talking about! Thank you for all your thoughtful comments and suggestions – I think I’ve spent more time on WebMD in the past week than I have in my entire life! I’m glad my doctor thinks that it’s something simple, rather than something crazy. Fingers crossed she is correct.

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