We are highly motivated by numbers in this family. Chloe and I often have friendly step competitions. She sees it as something fun, which is exactly how kids should view being active.

I’m always amazed, and proud, of how many steps she gets in during the school day. I love that her teacher encourages them to walk around, stand while working, or head over to a little reading corner to read rather than just sitting at their desks. Her little steps typically beat mine unless I’ve gone on a longer run that day. Proving that just because you are a runner doesn’t mean that you are always active all day long. Hence why I’m a HUGE fan of tracking your steps.


With so many wearables on the market today it’s hard to know what to get. Hopefully this review does a little bit of the leg work for you on the moto 360 sport.Moto 360

The moto 360 sport is compatible with android phones, so if you have an iphone you are out of luck. {Eric and I BOTH have an Androids}

Up until my husband and I tested out the this watch we didn’t really understand why anyone would want alerts on their wrists for anything other than steps. Now we see how convenient it is to get alerts rather than constantly checking our phones!! We can dismiss things we don’t need to know about and click on those important urgent messages that need attention now. Wearing the watch helped Eric stay off his phone at night because he was confident that if he got an important email he would know.

Okay so why the sport moto 360 vs the regular. If you are someone who is a active it’s nice having the running/sport feature. Being able to go for a run anywhere even I didn’t pack my dedicated running watch, was a great back up plan for me.

Another plus is being able to use it on the treadmill? As parents Eric and I are often relegated to using the treadmill as the only way to fit in a run when the other is gone.

If you are in to music you can download music with Google Play Music to your phone, pair it with Bluetooth headphones and listen to music on your run without bringing your phone with you.

The built-in heart rate monitor is cool. We both liked seeing if we could get our resting heart rate down lower. As far as paying attention to it on the run, I don’t run by heart rate so it didn’t have much of an effect in swaying me as to whether or not I would buy the watch.


While wearing the watch it senses when you change your wrist position to look at it and the screen lights up so it’s easier to see. I thought this was a nice feature since often when I’m out and about on a sunny day it’s hard to read what my watch says with out clicking on the light.


Set up was a breeze and this is coming from someone who has multiple watches that I need to sit down with and learn how to use effectively. I downloaded the Android Wear – Smartwatch app from the app store. Then it walked me through the steps on my watch and phone. After it was all set up it suggested apps to me that I may want to download.

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The only downside we experienced with this watch is the battery life. If you are using it all day and go for a run that day, it’s not lasting more than that day. The upside is that it charges fairly quickly. We don’t wear watches to bed, so it was able to charge at night. I was a fan of the charger {it’s the little things} and how the watch just rested in the cradle. Below it’s pictured with the sticker on it but when it’s set up the time displays on it almost like this is a bedside clock. Making it easy to put on first thing so you can track your steps from your first step out of bed!

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So what did I like most? I liked the features that linked it up with my phone. I’m a bit of a running watch nerd, so I was more interested in using it as a way to put my phone down and be present with my family, while still not missing something important that I needed to address right away.

I was able to use Target cartwheel on it, as well as quickly check the weather. It essentially felt like having my phone on my wrist, which surprisingly I liked. The alerts are gentle enough that I didn’t feel like my wrist was buzzing all day.

Another upside to it was that when I was lifting or doing a workout where I absolutely was not going to look at my phone for a long time, I wasn’t rushing through it because I wanted to check on whether or not someone had gotten back to me. That gave me peace of mind while squeezing in a workout that I wasn’t getting behind. I don’t work in an office anymore but this would have been perfect for those days I was working out on my lunch break.

My husband liked that he could get away with it as a professional looking watch rather than something sporty, which for him was important. Overall we both liked it!


Okay enough rambling, on to the good part!!!

From now till March 19th you have the chance to win one of 4 moto 360 sport watches!

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Motorola. The opinions and text are all mine.


  1. I’ve been using a treadmill to stay active this winter. I’m excited to get outside this spring. This watch looks great!

  2. I absolutely love running and the high i get after running keeps me motovated.

  3. Looks & sounds GREAT!
    Running with friends keeps me motivated.

  4. I workout with a trainer once a week, and she is awesome at showing me my improvement and motivating me when I’m just not sure I can do it.
    Lately my motivation has just been getting healthy, as I’ve been dealing with some respiratory issues that just won’t go away.

  5. Sarah B. says:

    Would love to try this… Love the white one!

  6. Lisa nagle says:

    Treadmill it is!!!

  7. Lisa nagle says:

    Treadmill for my too-cold-to-go-outside-runs!!! Plus lots of Netflix keep me somewhat on track!

  8. I’ve never tracked my steps or heartbeat, either during a workout or during the day. For some reason I just don’t find that valuable for my own fitness. But I can see how others could find it helpful. If it helps motivate you, then it’s good!

  9. The feeling of a good run and/or workout keeps me motivated in the winter.

  10. Spring is here!!! I can’t wait to go out running once again. Treadmill kept me sane during winter.

  11. I would love to have such a multipurpose watch!

  12. We didn’t have much of a winter here and I love it when I have the outdoors to myself, so it is easy to keep moving. The only thing that is stopping me is darkness in winter, as I do not like to run in town, I do only weekend running. However I am adding swimming to the mix and for me to just get some movement that is fine.

  13. OmG!!! I’m geeking out over here! You have turned on the comments! excuse me, while I faint!! fangirling too hard!

    I love the idea of my little one having an activity tracker! he comes home with over 10K steps! while I’m struggling with getting to 7K by the time I get home!

  14. Mike Dunham says:

    Treadmill keeps me running. But is till try to get out side for weekly long run.

  15. Outside of grour fitness classes, I haven’t been able to get into any other training. The treadmill will be the death of me!

  16. I’m a part of a running club which is great motivation to get in a run outside even when its cold!

  17. I haven’t heard of the moto watch before (maybe I live under a rock) but it sounds very exciting for us android users!!

    I always have a hard time in the winter, I struggle with the cold and if I can’t run outside and all too often nothing happens at all!

  18. Stephanie K. says:

    I actually don’t mind running in the winter (assuming the sidewalks/pathways don’t have ice)!

  19. I love running outside, in all weather!

  20. I’m having trouble this winter season. I’m usually an all weather runner, but this season has been HARD! I don’t know if because I am busier than I have been, but running in the cold doesn’t sound fun to me at all!

  21. Cindy C says:

    This was the first winter where I’ve tried to keep up with my running. I had to buy cold weather gear like gloves. It’s definitely been tough, but it feels great!

  22. I stay motivated with good music and results.

  23. Christy D. says:

    This looks awesome, I have a garmin, but I love that this could be paired with my phone! I too hang out a lot on the treadmill, new music or podcasts help keep me motivated!

  24. I have been in a running/exercising slump since the first of the year. I’ve let life get in the way. I seem to have lost my motivation. The comments in this post are all wonderful!

  25. I ve been wanting one for EVER! But cant really afford it for now :(

  26. Paula Kiger (Big Green Pen) says:

    I do keep up in the winter! Being in Florida helps – it gets cold in N FL but not like other places. Accountability helps – knowing others are expecting to hear from me!

  27. Good review. I used to have the MotoActv and absolutely loved it. The only problem I had was that the battery wouldn’t last for a 20 mile run. What’s up with that? I definitely want to log that run. I hope Motorola put a better battery in this guy so it can hang with some of the more established OEMs. Android Wear is a major bump as it’s a cool ecosystem and works great for day to day stuff.

  28. I have a desk job that means I sit for most of my workday. I definitely could use some encouragement to move around more often.

  29. I stay active in the winter wearongoing the proper gear and running outside, going to the gym, swimming indoors and cycling on a trainer

  30. I’ve been wanting on of these watches! It would be perfect to help me keep on track!

  31. I keep up by running during daylight or indoors if I must.

  32. Mike John says:

    Motivating people and music can keep me going. This would make it easier to keep track of myself.

  33. I do a lot more running on a treadmill but I keep up with it

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