The heat in the DC metro area this past weekend was nuts. The heat index at one point was 114 in Leesburg! I’m certain it did seriously feel that hot. I knew a longer long run just wasn’t in the cards on Saturday so I headed out with 10 as the goal.

In order to finish, I dropped my ego. I highly recommend when running in a temperature that is not conducive to running to consider slowing down the pace in order to complete the miles. My average pace was almost a minute slower than I have been running my long runs at. Despite the crazy temperature I felt like I could have kept going at the end, which is how I like to finish runs. Knowing I could go farther, but knowing when to stop. 

I believe our ego holds us back in running.

Why is it that when we look down at our watches we allow the time on them to dictate how we feel about the run and ourselves? You are MORE than what the watch says. If you need to run slower, it doesn’t change who you are as a person. Running faster because you don’t want to see a certain pace or number on your watch does you a disservice. I promise you, no one knows what pace you are running unless you tell them. What’s that you say?….you don’t want to see that time because YOU don’t want to see that time, you aren’t worried what others think? Like I said….drop your ego.

Was it a wasted run because I ran slower? No. In my eyes, no run completed is a wasted run. In temperature extremes we have to consider what matters more – completing the run or cutting it short because we pushed too hard. The answer to that may vary person to person, but if you are finding that you are unable to complete the distance and that is your main goal, slow down the pace.

In a world where social media is the norm it’s also easy to compare yourself to other runners who may be able to hit their paces during extreme heat or extreme cold. First – good for them. Second – you don’t know how hard they were pushing to hit that pace – they may say easy when it was anything but. Third – every body is different.

I’ve read articles that have said to adjust your pace 15 – 30 seconds per mile. What those articles don’t tell me is how much I need to slow down. I don’t aim for a time, I run on effort, and let the pace fall where it may. It’s typically much farther off the goal pace that many articles suggest is the average slow down rate. Does that make me feel bad? No. My body doesn’t do well in heat and I know this. I also know that come fall all of the summer runs I put in are still conditioning me. When the temperature drops I’ll feel great.

10 super sweaty – I look like I jumped in a pool – miles completed. #missionaccomplished

Don't Let Your Ego Hold You Back In Running @mileposts

Saturday evening Eric and I took our little people to the Nationals game in DC. It was Miles and Colton’s first game and the first game Chloe remembers going to {she was too little to remember the last one}! It was my first time at the stadium too….which basically means it’s been far too long since I’ve been to a baseball game!

Nationals Baseball Game @mileposts Nationals Baseball Game @mileposts

Star Wars night was an added bonus {and if I’m being honest – it’s why we picked that night to go #nerdalert}! They gave out Star Wars/Nationals shirts to the first 20,000 fans, which meant that we got there when the stadium was half empty to make sure we got them! Our seats were fantastic. Stubhub for the win.

Nationals Baseball Game @mileposts Nationals Baseball Game @mileposts Nationals Baseball Game @mileposts 20160813_203930 Nationals Baseball Game @mileposts

The Nats won, we had fun and all in all it was a great night!!

Nationals Baseball Game @mileposts

Sunday I had planned to run, but slept in till 8:25 – YIKES. I popped up and realized the Olympic marathon was on – a run would have to wait. The INSANE temperature after the marathon was over meant that I skipped the run and went to REI instead to purchase some new hiking boots for my trip this week! I got THESE cool Vasque ones and two pairs of Smartwool socks. Nothing like last-minute gear for a last-minute trip 😉

Thanks to Brooks I have some sweet new fall gear I’m bringing on my trip as well.

I’m crazy about this LSD Thermal jacket, so much so that I ordered it in another color. Emily, from Daily Garnish, my roommate when I was at the Trials in Eugene back in July, has it in the white color. She also raved about how much she liked it. It is lightweight but really warm at the same time. I’m excited that the temperature where I’m going in Colorada is going to feel cold compared to Virginia!

I’m also bringing my favorite Brooks capris – the greenlight capri. These capris are my go-to running capri’s now. The ones I loved from another company changed and I really don’t like them anymore. These fit similar to the way my old favorites did, so now they are my new favorites. Some of them are reversible so it’s like getting two capris for the price of one!

Brooks Running Greenlight Capri @mileposts

I’ll be sharing on instagram where I’m going so if you are interested make sure you follow me over there!

This will be my last trip for awhile because school and little people sports will take over my life – that’s okay. Being a mom is the best and I can remember when I was little wanting nothing more in life than to have my own little people. I love big life goals, but it’s also good to remember that where I am now is right where I’ve always wanted to be.

I can’t wait for school to start so I can run – haha. I haven’t been able to run at a normal hour in the mornings, not pushing someone in a stroller, in 10 years – 10!! When my kids were little there was no end in sight – it felt like I would never ever get to a place where I could wake up and run and now here I am. I’ll be able to start my run before 8 am – hip hip hooray. I’m going to miss my littles during the day BUT I think this year is going to be great for all of us.

Are you excited for the school year to start?!


  1. Richard C, says:

    Your commment about not letting your ego get in the way really resonates with me. If I am not careful, it is easy for me to adopt a “I either hit my times or I’m a failure” mindset. Thanks for the reminder.


  2. The heat slows me down about a minute a mile. My ego gets huffy sometimes, but I just try to tell myself that I’ll be SO much faster in the fall!

  3. When I first started using the treadmill, I had the same issue. Every time I had to push the “slow” button, I was telling myself stories about why I was slowing down and feeling bad about it. Even when I was increasing speed, I was telling myself stories and wondering if I could keep up the pace.

    I had to learn that pace (on the treadmill and off) is just a number — no need to constantly attach stories and feelings! Just do what you need to do. Go run. Be happy.

  4. Hey,very good article…

  5. I love how you explain why it’s ok to run slower when it gets hot. I have trouble running at the same pace when it gets warm because I tend to get tired faster when the hot sun is beating down on me. Great article!

  6. I thought running is one of the easy and fruitful exercises. Run with ego make running boring than being enjoyable.
    Basically, I also feel the heat at the time of running but it make me fresh when i finished.

  7. Great idea! I am very lazy that’s why my problem is increasing day by day. But I am impressed to read your post. Because I think that this post is perfect for me. Here is my favorite point.

  8. When I first started running, I had the same issue. Every time I had to slow down. I have tried hard and day by day it started getting better. My personal trainer helped me a lot, he became my motivation every time i slowed down just like you have done. Great article, keep doing great work like this

  9. I wish I read this blog a month ago when I almost quit training for my first half. I have thyroid issues and my body simply can’t tolerate the heat and humidity. It was brutal. You are so right – no one will know my pace unless I tell them and I am my own worse enemy when it comes to it. My goal for my first half is to just finish – and enjoy it. based on my long runs, I know i can do it. Even what I consider crappy long runs are far better than no run at all. Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. Great pictures! I love the message of this post. There are days where I don’t improve my numbers on my lifts and I fall into the trap of thinking that I didn’t accomplish anything. I know it’s not quite running related, but it is related to the concept. Just because I had a rough day doesn’t mean I didn’t do well by my body. Thanks for some inspiration and I look forward to reading some more of your posts!

  11. Hello ,

    Thanks for the great article . I learnt some great tips from this article. I believe , Ego is the point which not letting me go forward. I wish i could read this article a month ego.



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