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Every stage of motherhood brings with it new challenges. In the not so distant past I remember constantly thinking as soon as my kids are out of THIS stage… is going to get easier. Truth is, it doesn’t really ever get easier, you just learn to manage better. As soon as you are out of one stage and over the challenges it presents, there is a new stage and new things to learn!

All three of my little people are playing sports this season for the first time. When we decided that it was finally time to let Colton pick a sport he wanted to play we reasoned that it was only going to be a bit more added to our already crazy weekends. Turns out that bit has been a lot of bit, as things overlap and the juggling act of parenthood has suddenly become even harder.



With Chloe doing Girls On The Run, Girl Scouts and soccer, Miles playing baseball and Colton playing soccer – time has become even more of a precious commodity.

Much like I do with my grocery shopping and house needs, shopping for sporting equipment needs to be done at a one stop place like Dick’s Sporting Goods® to minimize the trips.

Shopping for everything all at once also does a the double duty of keeping my little people happy because they all get something at the same time! No more BUT SHE GOT THIS and me having to explain that yes your turn will come we just need to run to another store.


Thankfully a Dick’s Sporting Goods opened up less than 10 minutes from our house, so now instead of having to plan out a trip with a list of what we need, we can all quickly go as a family and grab what we want any night of the week in one spot.

Thursday night the five of us headed to Dick’s Sporting Goods to get some little things for Miles birthday, pick up new shorts for Eric, and more soccer clothing for Chloe. I pretty much can’t escape Dick’s without seeing something I need errr I mean want, so though I didn’t need anything, I did need a few things – wink.

Untitled design (22)

Miles was pleased as punch they carry TeenyMates. He has even gotten me hooked on helping him collect these little guys! Is it football season yet? #HTTR


I settled on two shirts from Reebok. One of which kept me nice and toasty while I watch Colton’s game in the cold on Saturday.


I love that we also live close enough that I can shop the sales, which happen to be pretty awesome when the seasons change over! They also stock one of my favorite water bottles which clearly I need in every color 😉

After we got everything we needed we hopped across the parking lot to one of our go to places for quick tacos! Food and running gear are basically the quickest way to my heart.


Seriously though?! How cute is this stuff for Chloe? I’m one of those people who really enjoys shopping in a store instead of just online. I like to feel the hand of the fabric and I like to make sure it’s going to fit before I buy it. I also like to see what other brands, that I don’t normally look at online, have to offer.

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A one stop shopping place like Dick’s Sporting Goods saves us time and money. Time and money that we use to do more of what makes us happy 😉

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  1. Instagram says to enter on your website. Where can we enter ?

  2. Cortney Sloan says:

    Dorothy! I am SOOOOO in love with my hydroflask. LIKE LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it enough to buy one for my husband’s coffee. So good to know Dick’s carries them.

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