Day 2 of the Brooks Running Blog Ambassador trip to the US Olympic Track & Field Trials did not disappoint. If you missed my post on Day 1 you can find it HERE

The little people, well mostly Chloe and I, started out the day by gathering things to donate. I felt like I was gifted lots of fun stuff this weekend and the first thing I do when I bring more in to the house is to find things that can leave my house. As a self-proclaimed former pack-rat it’s really important to me to keep the flow of things out fairly equal or larger than the flow of things in. Three giant trash bags later, I felt good about the new gear I need to find space in my closet for!

We have a guest bedroom in the basement that has slowly become overrun with things I need to organize, donate, sell on Poshmark or find a permanent home in our house for. Once we were on our cleaning out kick we tackled that room so now it’s back to feeling like a guest bedroom in case anyone wants to come visit!

Next up was Whole Foods. Step one to getting on track ALWAYS starts with food.

Once upon a time I thought I could out run my diet, maybe others can but I can’t. So when I need to get back on track and get back down to a reasonable for me weight {hello wine thank you very much for sticking around on my waistline}, I fill my fridge with fresh veggies, chicken, and snacks that I will feel good about reaching for. Eric worked around 16 hours yesterday and is doing the same today so I figured we needed a break out of the house anyways even though it feels about a bazillion degrees out. I came home from Eugene just in time for the heat wave – ugh!

Whole Foods 1st Stop To Getting Back On Track @mileposts

On to Day 2 of the Olympic Track & Field Trails…..

As I mentioned in my last post Emily wasn’t kidding about the sun rising early in Eugene. We unfortunately had the frat house room that had no blinds, so when the sun rose I found myself hiding out under my blankets trying to grab every last wink of sleep I could. Finally after hearing her moving around I decided I might as well get up and join her. We decided to find the closest Starbucks to walk to and grab a pick me up before the Brooks group run at 9 am. I wasn’t feeling particularly great so I told Emily that I’d be happy with a mile or two, but really once you get going who stops at a mile or two? Well unless it’s on the treadmill, I have been known to give up easily on the treadmill lately.

Brooks Ambassador Trip Day 2 Track & Field Trials @mileposts

My legs felt snappy. I certainly didn’t know that running in no humidity after swimming your way around in it for a couple of months would feel so amazing. Janae and Anne had added on miles before the run and needed to get a couple more in after the run, so I joined them after to bring my total to 7 for the day. 7 was what was Alicia had on my plan so I felt REALLY good about getting that number in when I thought the weekend was going to be a wash for running.

It may sound like it makes no sense but I have found it is the hardest to fit in runs on running related trips. There always seems to be too much to do and running sort of takes a back seat. Not true when you are hanging with the Brooks crew though. A run is first and foremost.

Brooks Ambassador Trip Day 2 Track & Field Trials @mileposts

After the run Anne and I did the Run Signature footwear analysis. All the fun was had while Tina snapped pics for us.

Brooks Ambassador Trip Day 2 Track & Field Trials @mileposts Brooks Ambassador Trip Day 2 Track & Field Trials @mileposts Brooks Ambassador Trip Day 2 Track & Field Trials @mileposts

After they determined what shoes they thought we should be running in Anne and I jumped in the Brooks money machine. It was hilarious in an – I feel like a 10-year-old kind of way – fun times.

Brooks Ambassador Trip Day 2 Track & Field Trials @mileposts

Then over to the stadium to watch more races!! One can never watch too much running…..

After that was lunch at The Cannery. They picked us up in a limo which was also hilarious – in an – am I a teenager going to prom kind of way. I wasn’t the best blogger in terms of taking pictures on this trip. On so many of these types of trips I’ve felt like I’m on the phone more so than I am interacting with the people there…..I didn’t want it to be that way this time!

Brooks Ambassador Trip Day 2 Track & Field Trials @mileposts

We ate with Garrett Heath and Riley Masters! I really enjoy chatting with elites and hearing their thoughts on running/training/food/etc. Hanging out with them for a little on Saturday made watching them race on Monday on the track VERY exciting.

Brooks Ambassador Trip Day 2 Track & Field Trials @mileposts

We went to Run Hub after lunch to check out the new Brooks gear they had there for the Track & Field Trials. I pretended like I was in college and played some beer pong {minus the drinking part} – won a cool prize and was happy that I hadn’t lost my beer pong skills. hahaha.

After getting back to the frat house some of us continued on with reliving our college days.

ALL the fun was had. I’ll leave it at that :)

Dinner was at a beautiful winery called King Estate that was about 30 minutes away from where we were saying. The food was AMAZING. The wine was even better and hello views!!

Brooks Ambassador Trip Day 2 Track & Field Trials @mileposts

Kings Estate Winery @mileposts Kings Estate Winery View

We got back late but thanks to the wine I still was up for hanging out, so I met up with an old friend who I hadn’t seen in 10 years, at a local bar!

Wine me @mileposts

Another crazy long day but when you are making memories sleep seems secondary. I headed to bed as some of the other bloggers were heading out to catch their shuttle. When you are kid free at the Olympic Track & Field Trials for the weekend you take advantage of it!

Brooks Run Happy Ambassadors 2016 @mileposts

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