Hi friends! It’s been awhile since I’ve written here. A long while….

It wasn’t on purpose and then it was on purpose.

For the sake of my sanity and simply because there really isn’t enough time to do everything I want to do, something had to give, and blogging was it. What I learned during my little break was that I really enjoy writing here. Though I have become more careful over the years in what I do and do not write here, ultimately I love writing and this blog gives me a different outlet to do it. I can spill my mind on the screen and then after re-reading it a couple of times I can hit publish. There is no pitching of ideas to an editor, waiting for approval, questioning why I pitched said ideas because I have no idea how I will write about them. I don’t doubt myself when I write here, I just write. Yes, there have been quite a few blog posts where I then later was like oh good lord Dorothy what were you thinking, but for the most part I cherish the posts I’ve written here.

I know is that this blog has changed my life. And while a lot of things have changed over the years, this blog was and continues to be a life altering space for me. A space for me to learn and grow.

During my little break Chloe celebrated her 11th birthday and Colton his 7th. I ran three races at Rock N Roll Virginia Beach, went to Canada with Garmin to work on a photo shoot project for some of their new products, spectacted Ironman Kona with Gatorade Endurance {where I rode a fat tire bike next to Luke McKenzie!!}, and ran New York City Marathon. I partied way too hard for three days in Vegas and then ran as fast as my legs would carry me {finishing out my 6th year running Rock N Roll Las Vegas}. I made new friends and caught up with old ones. I fan girled Mary Wittenberg – and when I asked her if we could take a photo together – she told me that she had just liked my post-race selfie on instagram and loves reading my stuff online {SQUEEEEE with excitement}.


KV -1423


When I break down 2017 in to the places I traveled I learned more in this year than any year of my life. For that I am eternally grateful.

I won’t promise I’ll be back here every day because I know that’s not a realistic goal for me right now, but I did want to pop in and say hi to whoever is left reading here. I wasn’t gone, just have spent the last two months over posting on instagram and twitter instead of here. That being said, I like writing, specifically this type of writing {grammar and spelling mistakes included – lol} so I’m going to do more of it in 2018 and see where it takes me.

I hope you all had a lovely time with family and friends over the Thanksgiving holiday. I know holidays can be hard for some people and I’m thinking of you as well. Life is messy and imperfect, but I believe if we search for the good in every day – we can find something to be happy about.

xoxo Dorothy


  1. We all need a break. I am contemplating making my goal of 2017 is to blog less. Like you, my posts are on the shorter side (so it’s not as timing consuming as writing thousands of words daily) but I don’t know if I want to focus on other things.

  2. Thank you for posting. Sadly I found your blog “too late” in that it was just in this past year that I stumbled upon you, the blog, your running, etc and by that time you weren’t posting all that frequently so felt like I missed out. Reading old posts just isn’t the same and while Insta, Twitter and FB are nice (and I follow you there too), those mediums seem to be of the more drive-by variety. I’ll keep checking in and enjoying what I am able to read.

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