Here’s the thing about body judgment – it tears down.

We need more building up. Building up our friends, our daughters, our sons, our co-workers, neighbors, even strangers.

A kind word, thought, gesture, email – goes a long way in life.

My goal with the #IHaveARunnersBody movement is to show others, but mostly ourselves that runner’s bodies come in all shapes or sizes. I am not on a crusade for larger men or women – though I do believe that you ARE just as much of a runner no matter your weight. What I am trying to expose – as many other people have – is that judging someone based on what they look like on the outside is BS. That means judging people who are thinner, thicker, heavier, taller, shorter, older, or younger.

You don’t know what someone’s athletic capability is based on how they look. Nor, in my opinion does ones athletic capability make said person a better person.

Yesterday I was judged. A reader expected that a woman who was writing on body positivity – was going to be heavier….

Boston Uncropped

That IS judgment and exactly what I am trying to help change.

What that individual doesn’t know from that ONE picture of me is that I have struggled with weight my entire life. That from age 11 or so on I had the New Year goal of losing weight. 11. Let that sink in for a minute. 11.

My daughter will be 10 this year and she is the REASON I wrote that blog post and feel very strongly about this.



As I look at her little body, that is perfect to me in every way. I see a body very similar to mine, yet I’ve hated mine for years. I’ve abused it. I’ve torn it down. I’ve been angry at it. I didn’t love it.

I don’t want my daughter growing up with the same self-esteem, weight and judgment issues I had. I want her to always love her body. I want her to judge herself based on what she does, knowing that she can do anything!

My dad always made a point to tell me how smart I was growing up. Sure he told me I was beautiful but he told me I was SMART. He joked from when I was single digits, that my old soul was going to be the next editor of Modern Maturity Magazine. I tell my daughter she is beautiful but more often than that I tell her she is smart, kind, loving, that her teachers adore her and tell me that she bring joys to their days. She does bring joy to their days and my days. I never want to her to lose that spark because of her body. I want her body to a positive and healthy place where her soul and mind live.

One of my recent mantras {I have a thing for mantras!}

is Less Judging, More Loving #lessjudgingmoreloving

Judgment happens to men, women, children. It happens to women who are thin just like it happens to people who are larger. It happens to almost everyone. If you haven’t been on the receiving end of a snotty comment about your weight, consider yourself lucky.

I want to say thank you to everyone who has shared THIS post, who has taken the time to post a picture, or talk about the MOVEment with a friend. I’m one person. I’m not saying anything that hasn’t been said before.

I have over the years developed a small platform and I want to use that platform to help change the way we look at runners and really bodies in general. You don’t know someone’s struggle by one photo.

Let’s love each other for who we are and what we do, rather than what we look like. 

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