Hi running friends!

We experienced the storm of a lifetime this past weekend. We have essentially been snowed in since mid day last Friday!

Here are some pictures I took during the storm and after…


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TODAY ONLY all tanks are on SALE for $19.99 at www.dreambigrunlong.com – this is the lowest they have ever been! I’m trying to completely clear out all stock to make room for new spring styles and colors. I won’t be restocking these tanks in these colors again, so now is your chance to get them at a discounted price.

Shipping is one flat fee, so if you and a girlfriend both want tanks and live near each other I recommend purchasing in one order so you can split shipping 😉

In other not interesting news, I’m working my way towards living with less. Slowly but surely I’ve been decluttering the house and donating bags of stuff to my favorite local thrift store. I think I’ve donated about 15 bags so far this year and it’s only the 25th of the month! Some of my local friends have gotten lots of new-to-them running gear thanks to some exciting news I shared on my instagram account not to long ago. Lastly I’m selling off over half of my closet because I like the idea of having less clothing {I hope this will mean less time complaining about having nothing to wear if all I own is things I love} and let’s be honest, all I wear is running, yoga, and pilates gear every day anyways!

What regular clothing I do wear is the same every week anyways, so instead of holding on to things I’ve had since highschool – I’m letting it go.

I’m trying to find what equals balance in my life, realizing that my balance is mine alone. Someone else’s version of balance won’t look like mine and that’s okay. At the end of the day, less cleaning and organizing means more time to do things I love, like running!

Closet Items


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