Oh how I miss the days of political jokes being funny…..

Yesterday was the 36th running of the ACLI Capital Challenge!

I’ve been volunteering at this race since before Chloe was born {she turns 11 in September!!} and each and every year I leave the race telling myself that I need to sign up to volunteer at more races. This year I’m going to actual stick to that and have already committed to help out at a couple of other races. I truly believe it’s important to give back to the sport we love.

Our volunteer race day “outfits” included a trump-esque hat that said “Make America Sweat Again.”  I thought the hats were funny but then the more I thought about it I also saw how they weren’t really funny at all. This is 2017.

I’ll note that I thought they were funny because Trump doesn’t believe in exercise {not because I am making any political statement of any kind}. It’s why I want a 0.0 sticker on my car – because I love running.

The celebrity “whistle blower” this year was Galen Rupp!

The normal race jokes that were posted on the porta potty and around the finish area, in past years have been hilarious in a “low blow” kind of way but this year…..they felt sad…

I’m SERIOUSLY looking forward to the day when political jokes are REALLY funny once again. Until then I’m just gonna laugh at this United sign, cause that’s not political right?!

ACLI Capital Challenge 2017 via @mileposts

If you want to see pictures and videos from the race you can visit my facebook page

I posted a video on my FB page of the man who received a Fidelco Guide Dog from the funds raised. This is why I volunteer at this race every year and why even in a time when political jokes and the link aren’t all that funny anymore, I’ll keep volunteering. I urge you to watch the video {click HERE} and see the good that comes from a bunch of news media, politicians and the like running 3 miles on a random Wednesday morning.

You can learn more about the race by visiting the race website at www.capitalchallenge.com


  1. jmilcetich says:

    I ran this race for the first time this year with my office. Bummer that I didn’t see you there!

  2. jmilcetich says:

    Well I take that back, after looking at your Facebook pictures, I think I actually did you see, because I said to my coworker man that girl looks familiar but I couldn’t figure out why. Now I realize it was you! :)

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