I’m thinking the hot weather + the lovely humidity *insert sarcasm* is what is causing my tiredness.

I’ve sort of taken it easy this week because I plan on running a 10K tonight. It should be pretty hilarious considering how hot it is out and the fact that the start time is 6:30pm.

I broke my old record of how far/long I ran while pushing the double stroller this week. Normally I don’t like to push them more than an hour since I’m sure it can get pretty boring sitting in there(even though I load them up with books/snacks/dolls/sippys/etc.) However this week the perfect situation presented itself to go longer. Miles woke up before 6 am so I knew he would fall asleep on the run and I knew if I woke Chloe up then she too would be tired. The weather was overcast and not super hot so that was a welcome break as well. I ended up running with them for an hour and 20 minutes. My previous record was 7 miles – no idea how long it actually took me then but it was on the W&OD – so I can assure you it was much easier than what I did this week. I’m guessing I definitely got in at least 8 miles – but to be honest I have no idea what pace I run when pushing them. Literally no idea. Which is reason number 503409584 why I NEED to get a Garmin!


  1. Love my Garmin!! Friend of mine got the 405 (without HR monitor) on sale at Best Buy this week.

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