It’s hard for me to believe but this year marks the 7th year of running with a running stroller.

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My BOB Running Stroller is by far the best gift I received when I was pregnant with Chloe. I wasn’t aware at the time of the numerous options when it came to strollers. I googled what running stroller was for a serious running and stumbled upon BOB Strollers.

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I wanted the Ironman over the Revolution because I planned to use this stroller for marathon training. Much like my running shoes, that I ONLY use for running, I wanted my stroller to be something that was also reserved for running. I didn’t care if it was hard to push around the mall, or didn’t fit in to tight places, I wanted whatever was going to help me be able to continue to train at paces close to my solo paces and distances close to what I could run alone.

Many parents want to combine a running stroller with a regular stroller because a regular stroller is not in the budget. I completely understand this logic. A regular double stroller was not in our budget when we had baby #2 which means that the Duallie I bought was the only stroller I had. When I took the kids places, I put one in the baby bjorn or moby wrap and pushed the other in a single. When baby #2 was too big for the Bjorn I carried baby #1 on my hip or made her walk. YES it was harder than having a double stroller, but sometimes the things we use to help us make everything convient can actually make us a tad bit lazier. NO I’m not saying you are lazy if you have a double stroller – all I’m saying is that plenty of people make it work with no double stroller and I’d venture to say the extra walking was and is good for my children. Carrying your child more often is also a great way to avoid worrying about flat spots that can arise from too much time spent on their backs from the combination of sleeping, riding in a stroller, and generally being laid down too much during awake hours. I digress……my point is that my priority was finding the best stroller that would allow me to train rather than one that could perform two functions. Your priorities MIGHT be different and if so then I would consider the Revolution Stroller {review coming in an upcoming post}.

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It was a no brainer for me when baby #2 was coming that I wanted the BOB Ironman Duallie stroller. I knew that it would be harder on the turns because of the front fixed wheel, but I also knew that the larger, thinner tires were easier to push for longer distances, so I went with it over the Revolution Duallie. It is a decision I have not regretted once. My arms are stronger from pushing down on the stroller for turns and I have been able to keep training for marathons the entire time I have had children.

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The Ironman Single and Duallie have had improvements made to them over the years, but mine are both still going strong. They are both in excellent condition, I have never had to make any repairs to them and other than a deflated tire here and there, I’ve never had to do anything to them. They are easily washable by spraying them down with a hose and letting them dry in the sun.

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The Ironman Single & Duallie {as well as the Revolution} all have some great features:

  • Lightweight: BOB strollers range between 23 and 26 lbs.
  • Car Seat Adapter: The infant car seat adapter allows you to start running with your little one sooner. Your child remains in the car seat which clicks in to the stroller. This is great for many reasons – perfect if they fall asleep in the car on the way to the run {easier to transfer them with out waking} and they are facing you on the run, making it easier to pop in a pacifier, feed them a bottle or generally keep them happy and talk to them! I kept my little ones in the car seat/adapter position for as long as they were in their infant car seat. It also had the added benefit of keeping them snug and warm when it started to get a bit chillier during fall training. NOTE: BOB recommends walking NOT running with your infant while in the infant car seat position because of the higher center of gravity. As always you should check with your pediatrician before beginning a running stroller routine with your infant or child. 
  • Easy Transport: The strollers fold easily. The duallie is a bit heavier to lift in to your car than the single but it is still not hard.
  • High Capacity Weight: The single Ironman holds up to 70lbs of occupant and luggage. Chloe who will be 7 on the 7th is no where close to 70lbs. It seemed like a far fetched crazy notion that I would be still pushing her at age 7, but here it is and it doesn’t seem strange to me at all. {she fits fine and still enjoys going for ride’s}

I have tried other single and double strollers than were less expensive that the Bob Strollers and was very disappointed in how hard they were to push. I think as far as a running stroller is concerned, you get what you pay for. If you plan on running with your strollers a lot and want to actually get some training in, then I recommend investing in a BOB. If you treat your stroller with care, BOB Strollers also have a high resale value on places like Craig’s List. While I won’t get back all of the money I paid for my Ironman Duallie if I take my estimated resale value of around $100 or more, subtract that out from the cost and divide out how many runs I have taken it on, it literally has cost me less than $1 for every run I have gone on.

I now have the option of running on a treadmill, going to the gym, or waking up at 4 am to go for a run, but when I first had children my only viable option most days was pushing them in the running stroller.

Still not convinced?

Michael Wardian who at one point held the record for the fastest stroller marathon ran this marathon using the BOB Ironman Running Stroller. This stroller is made for speed and distance!!!

6 months after my 2nd child was born I took my marathon PR from a 3:59 to a 3:36 qualifying for Boston. My fastest marathon prior to children was a 3:59, my post children PR is a 3:11. I know with out a doubt having a quality running stroller has helped me achieve many of my running related goals.


You can find the specs, dimensions and more of the details of the Ironman stroller by checking out this page

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*The Ironman single stroller was given to me as a baby gift. I purchased the Ironman Dualie myself. I was not asked to write this review and am not being compensated. I am part of the Saucony Mom Bloggers program and received the Revolution Single Stroller as part of that program.

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  1. Love this! I don’t have kids yet but I feel by reading the several reviews I have on running strollers that when the time comes I will be full much further ahead in knowledge than a lot of people! Thanks!

  2. Your reviews are great. One question I have is whether you noticed any difference in your running stride when pushing a stroller vs. running solo? I’ve heard some women say they got injured while running with a stroller – have you had any issues? Any tips to avoid injury? My baby is due in November so I’m starting to think about how I will resume training. Thanks!

  3. I had the Bob ironman double stroller when my twins were born and loved it, but I did experience injury, as Andrea mentioned above. With that said, I have since discovered that I have a movement disorder which causes me to drop my head to one side.. not good when you’re pushing 70 plus pounds of baby. Very detailed and nice review Dorothy.

  4. Hi Dorothy, I don’t comment often but I am an avid Mile-Posts reader and follower. After reading this post this morning, I decided to push myself a little harder. (I take both my kids out in my double BOB for 3 miles every Monday.) Usually my goal is to “get through it” but after reading how you BQ’d while training with a stroller, I wanted to see what I could do. Wouldn’t you know it…I knocked 40 sec/mile off my pace and finished feeling strong! Thanks for being such an inspiration and one of my personal heroes. :)

  5. Thank you! I just found out I am pregnant a few weeks ago and this review came at the perfect time! I am very excited to be a running mom you are an inspiration!

  6. I love my BOB Ironman too! I have had it for 5 years and my son still rides in it perfectly fine. I enjoy our visits along the way and wouldn’t be able to run as much if didn’t have it! :)

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  11. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much! I have been doing research trying to find a Toddler/Infant running stroller that could adapt to a Graco traveling system and BOOM! Found your perfect blog. I just made the Ironman purchase and looking forward to testing it out.

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