2015 is a little over a month away. I’ve found that goals for a new year are hard to stick with if I crash into them on January 1st. When I prep my mind and my body in December for what I want to accomplish personally, professionally, physically and mentally over the year, I’m more likely to achieve my goals.

There is no time like the present. Think about it.

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  1. Good thought! I love “new years resolutions” / goals. The fresh start of the new year just seems like it includes endless possibilities. I rarely keep them all but maybe one day ….

  2. Agree! Though I don’t so much have resolutions as training plans and changes to support the plans and my goals…starting to roll the changes in in December.

  3. That’s such great advice! There is no need to wait another month to start working towards your goals. I like to set goals throughout the year and go for it, because it keeps me focused. If I don’t have a goal, whether it’s for running, work or my personal life, I feel like I’m in limbo. Today is the perfect day to get going!

  4. Love the Quotes! Yes should think about my new year resolution!

  5. Awesome quote. I’ve found some good tips on running a marathon here. http://shapemindsoul.com/training-for-your-first-marathon

  6. I really can attest to that. When I set goals early, spending time really thinking about them and preparing my mind to give it its all, I really can see the difference!

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