If you haven’t read Lauren Fleshman’s post on keeping it real when it comes to the pictures we share of ourselves and how we think about our bodies – I highly recommend it.



I Run This Body super fan Brooke shared her unedited photo and made it in to the Runner’s World Magazine photo gallery. Brooke is a kick butt mommy, wife, runner, and flight attendant, I have loved following her on instagram and bet you would too! You can find her at http://instagram.com/brookethames

Runners World Brooke

Link to original post – http://www.runnersworld.com/photos/keeping-it-real-runners-share-self-portraits

I am 100% guilt of only posting pictures of myself that I like. I mean who doesn’t do that right? I want to remember myself in the best light, but the truth is that even though I sometimes look fit or that I occasionally have visible abs – that is not what I look like year round – far from it. I have thigh cheese as Lauren Fleshman called it and can only see my abs on super fit days. Her post was a really good reminder that we shouldn’t compare ourselves to magazines or even to pictures we see online of “real” people. Here’s to remembering to keep it real. Thanks Lauren for the inspiration!



  1. I loved that article also!!! SO many times we put unrealistic expectations on ourselves and we are always our own harshest judge.
    It is important to remember that no one is perfect and strive for healthy goals that make us happy! We tell our kids so many times it is what is on the inside that counts….but how often do we believe that for ourselves!

  2. Love this! We are so often our toughest critic. We need to remember just how far we’ve come and be proud of every accomplishment! There is so much we all have inside! I know when I am having a hard day I always try to focus on what I’ve accomplished and how far I’ve come!

  3. I am truly speechless and humbled by you including me on your blog, especially with the #keepingitreal campaign! I can’t find the right words to express how much you and your I RUN THIS BODY mantra have insprired me over the past year and a half since finding your blog. Thank you! Seeing my picture on runnersworld.com is NOTHING compared to seeing it here! This made my month… and I’m not going to lie, I cried a little. :)

  4. YES!!! I loved that article when I read it! LF is hilarious, and definitely REAL! Thanks for bringing it back to my attention, I enjoyed the reminder :)

  5. I love Lauren for her blog posts and her realness. So glad you are promoting such an amazing lady…you are pretty amazing yourself : )

  6. Hey! I just wrote a blog post about the same thing. And posted a pix of my 50 year old self in a bikini…

  7. Thanks for sharing Lauren’s post. I hadn’t seen it, and loved it. I follow Brooke on Instagram, too. I was so excited for her when she posted her RW pictures, and loved what she said after you shared it in this post!

  8. This is great stuff. I remember a Runner’s World issue a few years ago about runner bodies. Perhaps they took a cue from the issue that the ESPN magazine does on the same subject – though the runners were the everyday type – not the elites who run, eat, and sleep for a living. I like to see runners, including myself, to be who they are – even when we don’t feel like our best.

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