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Strollers I use and highly recommend:

BOB Single Ironman Running Stroller: The fixed front wheel and large tires make this stroller perfect for long distance running. I’ve run up to 20 miles pushing my eldest and have had this stroller for 7 years and it’s still in excellent condition despite the countless miles I’ve used it for. Well worth the price tag. Once you are finished using this stroller the resale value on craigslist and ebay is high.

Sun Shield & Weather Shield – If you can afford both of these and will be running with your stroller a decent amount I recommend them both. The weather shield is great on rainy days or for when it starts to get chilly in the fall. The sun shield is good for when the weather is warming up and you want some sun protection for your little one.

BOB Double Ironman Running Stroller: Much like the single with the same name, this stroller has a fixed front wheel and large tires. You can purchase the car seat adapter for both the single and the double so you can start running with your little one sooner. I kept my children in the car seat facing me for as long as they fit in to the car seat. It was much easier being able to tend to their needs while facing them rather than them facing forward and having to stop when they needed something. I have pushed two children over 13+ miles in this stroller. Both the single and double do take some time to adjust to, because you have to push down on the handle bar to make turns. You will get a full body workout using either the single or double ironman strollers.


Triple Stroller: The triple stroller I have is no longer being made. I purchased the stroller used for $75. It was well worth that and much more! Triple strollers are pricey {$1,000 and up} so I recommend trying to find one that has been used if you are worried that you won’t be using this stroller every day. Much like the single and double, my triple has fixed front wheels making it easier for long distance running. I have pushed all three of my children 13.1 miles in the stroller and recently pushed them in a 4 mile race {June 2013}. This stroller was a life saver after my third child was born and I had no idea how I was going to train for a marathon. Less than 5 months after my 3rd baby was born I ran the National Marathon with a time of 3:26 – not far off of my marathon PR at the time.

I credit running with my children for helping me get in to shape post baby. I also am already looking fondly back on all the miles we ran together and chatted away. They are memories I will cherish for forever.

Stroller Run

Stroller running is hard but worth it. Seek out other stroller running moms and dads for encouragement. If you see another stroller runner out there tell them they are doing a great job. All it takes is a little encouragement to turn a less than great run into a really good one!!


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  2. Wow, stroller running is quite hard for me. But this post inspire me alot! I must try harder. Thanks!

  3. By this triple stroller is hard to running..but i think its a good exercise for moms and also spending time with their kids.Thanks your post is such a very innovative.

  4. I’m impressed, I don’t really enjoy running and running with 3 kids in a stroller doesn’t sound fun. I need to start though and since I only have 1 baby I should start before I have more!

  5. I’m impressed, I don’t really enjoy running and running with 3 kids in a baby stroller
    sound fun. I need to start though and since I only have 1 baby I should start before I have more!

  6. Shamim, you are right there. I love to run with my gals. I used to run with my twins and it was fun. However, when my niece came to stay with us the whole setup changed. I had to buy a new stroller which could support three of them. I started running with three kids and well it took me quite some time to adjust. When I finally did I really enjoyed it. It also helped my kids to bond. They could play together, learn quickly, and enjoy a great family time together. I am thinking of enrolling in the next stroller race with all of them.

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