In the past couple of years I have often said – I am JUST a mom when asked what I do for a living.

I am not sure why, but JUST a mom always crossed my lips first. Maybe I felt inferior. Maybe I felt judged. I don’t know.

It was not until I was in a Bible study one day that these words uttered about myself seemed to offend.

JUST a mom someone remarked?

That’s a pretty big job to say JUST.

In defense I said, well I know it is a lot of work and I know I do other things on the side, but I guess I always saw myself as doing something important or making a difference in the world – I don’t know – I guess I just went to college and gave up on the idea that all I wanted to do in life was get married and have kids. I started to dream about all the possibilities and now that I am a mom I just feel like all those dreams I created are never going to happen.

I still did not get where this other mom was going. I was blind.

I don’t remember her exact words but the sentiment was that being a mom IS the most important job I will ever hold. I am molding the lives of three people. Three people who will also have the potential to affect other lives and change this world for the better. I am not JUST a mom – I am a mom and I should be proud of saying that is what I do rather than downplaying it as something that has caused me to give up on my dreams.

It really took awhile for this all to sink in.

When people ask me what I have been up to – I say running and kids. Really there isn’t much else to my life on a day to day basis other than things that related to running or somehow relate to my kids. I don’t find this sad. My life is filled with things and people I love. What more can I ask in life? Material possessions will fade and a promotion at work won’t matter in heaven. Raising my children to be the best they can be while being able to do something I love [running] sounds like a great life to me.

I no longer say I am JUST a mom. I am A MOM and I’m proud of it – it truly is the BEST and HARDEST job in the world [only took me 5 years to figure this out].

I still have dreams, they are just new ones and I’d venture to say they are bigger and better than the ones I had in college.

Eating *healthy* before stuffing his face with cake

The joy of being 1!!

Happy Happy Birthday Boy

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  1. I am also a MOM! I was just talking with my running buddies this morning about how amazing you are (they read your blog, but I’ve actually MET you!). Love this post, Dorothy. As a mom, I thank you :)

  2. I am *just* a mom too and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I truly believe I have the best job in the world. I wouldn’t want to miss any of this special time I have home with my little ones. I often say I have the hardest job but it is by far the most rewarding job. Great post! And really cute birthday pics of baby C! :-)

  3. There are many many days that I have felt like “just a mom” and that I have so many more dreams beside this but then I read this quote by a man I hold dear:
    “Woman who make a house a home make a far greater contribution to society than those who command large armies or stand at the head of impressive corporations. Gordon B. Hinckley.” Somebody has to get those kids ready to hold big positions in this world someday. I remind myself that one of my dreams is to be a mom and I am privileged to have that dream coming true. I have other dreams as well and I am working on them but they might just take a little longer than I thought. Keep dreaming big cause.

  4. I *just* love your blog. =) It’s the first one I check everyday.

  5. Everytime someone thanks me for my service, I always ask them to politely thank my wife too. She had to do everything by herself while I was gone, I had a platoon downrange that helped me. She had the harder job!

  6. Great post, your little boy is SO lucky to have you!!!! And you are lucky to have him – he is a CUTIE!!! I’m so glad I’ve found your blog, it’s so inspiring and I love reading it!

  7. “….a promotion at work won’t matter in heaven” Love that. I am hoping someday *soon* I will be a mom. I don’t think I have ever commented, but I just wanted you to know that I get strength from your blog. Thank you.

  8. Yeah, I think you’re totally right. :) When I was younger I actually thought like that and I really appreciate it but then my life happened and my life turned out to head in a different area.

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  10. I love this post. I’m often asked if I’m working…to which I have always respond, “No, I’m just staying at home with AJ right now.” But I think anyone who spends one day in our shoes would see how much “work” staying at home with a child or children actually is.
    I, too, had dreams of getting an awesome job and making a lot of money when I got out of the Army in 2009. I even started my own company in NYC and was loving every part of my life. Then I got pregnant and after holding my son, I felt I couldn’t go back to my job and leave him each day. So now I’m in charge of THIS company – my family =) It’s a monetarily non-paying job, but the rewards are SO much better than making a lot of money!

  11. On Friday, I said the exact same thing to an old high school friend attending a wedding. And he said, “Just a mom? THAT’S AWESOME.” It felt so good to have someone who seemed genuinely excited that I didn’t have a fancy pants career and he inspired me to also remove the “just” from the statement. I love the support I feel from this post! No more just a mom for me!

  12. Great post- really hit home. I don’t know what I am going to do once I have my little one in May, but I do know that if I decide to stay home, I’ll be much more than JUST a mom. Thanks for this!

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