Yesterday was day two of my half marathon training for THIS race {Coupon code: I Run This Body gets you a discount off any of the race registrations}. There was a slight glitch with my training so I winged it while waiting for my training stuff to come through for my new coach. I’m looking forward to sharing with you who it is later in the week!

Toe Sox Compression Socks - Marathon Training Picture

Day one started out with ten easy miles because I was in the mood to kick off training with a double-digit run for no reason other than I wanted it to boost my confidence. As I’ve shared over and over I’ve struggled with dizziness and some other issues for well over a year now. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I am on my way back to my old speedy-for-me-self. I say speedy-for-me but there is no pace zone or time goal for that, I just want to feel good on more runs than I don’t feel good. I also want to see what I can do if I really focus and go through an actual training cycle.

Yesterday I settled on a similar fartlek work out to one I did last fall when I was training for the Hershey Half Marathon

On 9/8/15 I did a fartlek workout of 12 x 1:00 on and 1:00 off {recovery running} with a warm up and cool down. I remember this specific workout because I did it at o-dark-thirty around the highschool parking lot. I remember specifically aiming to run the recovery in the slightly uphill portions of the parking lot and the 1:00 minute on in the slightly downhill sections. In a sense looking back I was running it “for the insta” even though I didn’t post it to instagram. I was literally attempting to give myself any advantage I could in the speed sections so that my numbers were faster.

I decided yesterday to change the active recovery time to :30 to make the fartlek run a bit harder.

I sat in my car slightly stressed about whether I was going to get dizzy on this run. I thought about how I was on the worst section of the trail for a fartlek. That there was no way to control the slightly uphill or slightly downhill variable because of how the trail undulated. The wiser 2016 me then thought about how I have cheated myself during many workouts in the past for the sake of growing my blog. YES when you post fast splits on instagram you get more likes – it’s almost science – want more social media followers – run fast – post garmin picture – get more followers BUT that doesn’t help you in the long run. Fast workouts are great, but the point of workouts are to get you good race results and if you are constantly cheating yourself during your workouts either by finding the easiest place to run so your splits are faster OR running faster than you should just so you can post it – then come race day you fall flat and wonder what went wrong. I’d also argue that it’s important not to twist together wanting to grow your social media on a professional level with your personal life goals….but that’s a long topic of conversation for possibly another day.

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The wiser me knows that it’s easy to fall in to this training trap that social media, in a sense, has created. A trap I never worried about before social media. I ran for me and no one knew what I did or didn’t run – the only number anyone saw was my time on race day.

In an effort not to cheat myself I told myself I couldn’t run back and forth, I would do the fartlek in the direction I had planned and not turn back around till it was time to turn around. No calculating where there were flat spot or downhill spots. The result? I’m really proud of this little fartlek run because it was a minor mental victory. I didn’t get dizzy either, so that was another huge victory.

Half Marathon Training Elevation Chart - Fartlek Workout On The W & OD Trail

I like stats when I’m training for a half marathon or marathon, so I’m going to share more of them, not because I’m bragging but because on some level I want to add more training specific posts back in to this running blog. That being said, I’m always going to check my motivation before I share something. If my motivation is in the wrong place, then I’m going to keep it to myself.

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The 12 x 1:00 on 5/3/16 were {30 seconds active recovery between each}: 7:03, 6:39, 6:32, 7:02, 6:40, 6:23, 6:35, 6:56, 7:02, 6:35, 6:32, 6:13 – elevation gain 313 feet, elevation loss 310 feet

The 12 x 1:00 on 9/8/15 were {1 minute active recovery between each}: 7:44, 7:11, 7:01, 7:09, 6:30, 6:54, 6:52, 6:51, 6:38, 6:38, 6:08, 5:34 – elevation gain 77 feet, elevation loss 86 feet

Today is a cross training day…..and I can honestly say I’d rather be running. I know that the days off or easy are going to become increasingly important as marathon training comes upon me!

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I plan on running a late summer, early fall marathon so I hopefully can snag a BQ before the registration date. It won’t stop being crazy to me how popular Boston has become. The year I first ran Boston I signed up months after my 3:36 BQ. I wanted to keep my registration fee for as long as I could. Anyone who qualified was typically able to register for the race. I qualified in 2008 and ran my first Boston in 2009. That’s nutty right? In less than 10 years Boston went from a race anyone who anyone BQ’ed was able to get in to, to a race where even a BQ doesn’t get you in.

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